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Jay Putty (22) hails from Evansville, Indiana. "I am a singer songwriter with Nashville tinge." He easily fits into the country/pop genre, but Jay describes his sound as more country with Nashville instruments.

His influences change all the time, but currently Dan and Shay, Chase Rice, R&B singer Gallant, Ed Sheeran, John Mayer. When asked who he'd compare himself to he says Sheeran and Mayer because of the guitar playing style.

To Jay, it feels like he's been singing most of his life, but he didn't actually become a singer full out until about two years ago. Putty was the guitarist in numerous bands, so it's new territory to be the singer. "My personality is super super outgoing and very boisterous. It felt natural getting out there." he says of the switch from band man to front man.

Jay Putty put out his first record when he in middle school. He formed his first band with friends. They released two EP's before breaking up a few years later. Since then he has been the screaming vocalist in a synth band, guitarist in an electronic acoustic band, a pop/punk band, and finally "Night Life" before going solo. His last band "Night Life", saw a lot of traction. They put out two records and performed at Warped Tour. It was then he started working with Kevin Gates (Never Shout Never, Ready Set). "Kevin took me under his wing to show me how to properly write songs." From there Jay decided it was time to go solo and started writing more commercial music with Kevin. As a solo artist Putty has released 8 singles, one full length album, and an EP in the last two years.

Jay's brand new single "Soon Ain't Soon Enough" is currently making waves on YouTube. "It's about doing the hokey pokey." he jokes, then adds "It's feeling young and invincible. I'm impervious, I'm seventeen years old." The song is so catchy you'll find yourself singing along.

As much as Jay enjoys singing, his first love is songwriting. "That's what drew me to music in the first place. Being able to articulate your thoughts and feelings into something that plays like a 3 minute movie in your head."

For Jay, writing is also very therapeutic. "There's a lot of songs I've written that will never see the light of day but they were definitely one's I needed to write to get me out of a certain frame of mind."

When asked about his songwriting he shares "It's an extension of myself and that's what I really want it to be."

"I'm a pretty goofy guy. I like to have some songs that are lighthearted but I don't want my songs to be like that. I know I was 22 once but did I have to write like I was 22 all of the time?" Jay says about wanting to use his voice to write more serious songs.

 Putty's background has given him a lot of life experience, and enabled him to grow up faster than your average young adult. Jay shares a few life events that contributed to this.

When Jay was 15 he lost his house in a fire. He lost all of his possessions, but instead of letting it get him down he considers himself lucky. "To me, I didn't lose my life. I didn't lose anything important. They are just materials. I can buy another guitar, another bed."

Senior year of high school Jay  lost a firefighter friend. A week later his grandpa passed away from cancer. "It was one of those times where you see a lot of doctors, priests, crying. At 17 yrs old trying to graduate high school it kind of sets everything into reality. What's the point of really doing anything that's considered normal if at the end of your life your not happy?" Jay confides before sharing a family story.

 His grandpa was only 37 years old with 7 kids when he was first diagnosed of small cell cancer. "When they found out my great grandma went to the chapel and said 'you know what god? I've lived a full life. He hasn't yet. If there is any way we could trade me for him.'". He says two weeks later she got breast cancer and passed away. His grandpa underwent a miracle and pulled through. The family believes it's because of that barter. Jay is extremely grateful because otherwise he wouldn't have gotten to meet his grandpa. When asked if his grandpa is a big influence, he says "definitely" saying the old man was a great guy who lived a great life and had no regrets.

Putty was going to school to be a doctor (specializing in pediatric oncology research). "I never saw music as a viable option." He had  a 3.8 gpa in bio-medicine, but later dropped out because he lost focus. Things started happening for him as an artist and a songwriter, which helped change direction.

Next month Jay is totally stoked to be playing during CMA fest. He may release another record, as he just found the last song for it. Right now though his focus is on getting co-writes and working towards a publishing deal.

He will be making the big move to Music City in the near future. "I don't feel like I can grow anymore in my hometown. I need to go somewhere I can expand as an artist and Nashville is the most logical."

"My goal is pretty simple. I don't want to do anything else, so whatever I can do to be a musician." Putty laments.



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