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Super stoked that we had the opportunity to interview Jonathan Jackson & E-Nation Friday night. Speaking with Jonathan Jackson and Daniel Sweatt backstage I asked them how their faith affects the music.

"The songs come from a very personal place, and I think we've always wanted our live performance to have a lot of passion and real energy to it." says Jonathan.

"The only way it feels authentic is to just go for it." adds Daniel.

The band wants their music to overcome the darkness of the world, and recent world events have struck home the need for music to be a healing force.

"It's part of our job, without sounding pretentious as artists to try to bring things like that to life and make people aware." exclaims Daniel.

"It's paradoxical because sometimes we have to fight against it. Sometimes the artist's job is to open up the darkness as a kind of therapy, a common human experience. A Lot of our new songs on our record touch on that." cites Jonathan.

Daniel says "When your doing music there's a lot of things coming at you from different directions, trying to get you to do things a certain way and we've fought against that, tried to be ourselves."

Jonathan adds "The aspiration is to be as authentic and honest as possible in whatever we are doing. The goal is for the music to come from a place that is completely natural. Whether it's a song about healing or everything hurts right now. Authenticity is most important to us." He goes on to mention bands like REM, Pearl Jam, and Peter Gabriel influencing the band. "You can feel it when they are just telling the truth of their experience and that's what we want to do."

In Nashville news Jonathan told us they should start filming in the next month or so. "I hope Avery continues to mature as a father and a person first and foremost, and secondly as an artist." He is excited for the show to resume and hopeful there will be a lot more of his music on this season.

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Jonathan Jackson & E-Nation tore up Mercy Lounge Friday night! Wow, can these guys put on a killer show or what? From the moment the band stepped on the stage and played their first chords, they were on. I mentioned in my interview how into the music these boys get, and it's true. They draw you in, and your immersed in the lyrics and the sound. Jonathan Jackson has such a pure, heartfelt voice that can sing everything from the heavy rock numbers of E-Nation to the ballads at the Opry and the country music we hear from his character Avery Barkley on the hit show Nashville.

Special highlights tonight included a beautiful rendition of "Unchained Melody", the bonus cut on the Blame-Shifter EP that has hit over 4 million views on Youtube. The band also premiered two brand new songs, "Magnetized" and "A Shock To The System" in addition to numerous cuts off Blame-Shifter and their full length album Radio Cinematic.


Singer-songwriter Dustin Herring stopped by our studio this week to chat and play a song for us! Check out his music, we think your going to like it!

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