Tracey Ecklund
Editor In Chief

Tracey started Pop Blitz Magazine back in her hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota in 2009. She wanted to create an outlet to help aspiring artists get their music out there. Little did she know how big the dream would grow, or that it would lead her to Los Angeles for a few years, and then Nashville. In the past decade, she has had the privilege to meet countless independent artists, and interview some of her favorites. On behalf of the magazine, there have been numerous writers rounds showcasing new artists around the country and virtually, She looks forward to the next chapter and being a voice for independent artists.

Andrea Knapp
Contributing Editor

Andrea Knapp is a Pennsylvania-based writer and editor. Her long-held passion for the written word comes through in her love of reading and her desire to help others tell their stories. She is currently writing her first novel and has worked as an editor for the last three years with a focus on proofreading and copy editing. As a new contributing writer/editor for Pop Blitz, she brings a love of music of all kinds and looks forward to expanding her creative repertoire while telling artists’ stories.