Olivia Rodrigo Review: Grand Ole Opry

Nashville, TN (5/10/22)

I’ve seen a lot of shows at the Grand Ole Opry, but nothing compares to the energy I felt Tuesday night at Olivia Rodrigo. From the moment the pop star stepped onstage, she had the audience on their feet screaming and singing every word. At nineteen years old, Olivia has found her voice in songwriting. She shares typical teenage experiences with positive messages kids can relate to.

“I wrote these next few songs about not being good enough for the guy I was dating and now I get to sing them to a sold-out crowd at the Opry. Pretty cool”, Rodrigo exclaims. She then took to the piano and launched into “enough for you”. The song captured my attention as it showed off her vocals and songwriting. Another song that did this was “driver’s license”, also performed on piano.
Olivia is a huge fan of 90s rock music, and it shows in her music. She performed two covers, “Complicated” (Avril Lavigne) and “Just A Girl” (No Doubt). Some of the young crowd didn’t know these tunes, but it was a treat for the parents and others over 30 in the audience.

The Grand Ole Opry is home to country music, and full of history. Olivia reflects on that adding “It’s an honor to be on this stage.” The music may have been pop, and the traditional stage transformed, but the heart of the venue remained. Fun fact, country star and Opry Member Keith Urban was in attendance with his two daughters, rocking out and singing along.

For those unfamiliar, Olivia first appeared on the scene in TV’s High School Musical, The Series. Much to the crowd’s delight, Olivia performed “All I Want” from that show. Her hit singles “jealousy, jealousy” and “traitor” were clear favorites as well. But the song that brought down the house was the finale “deja vu”. The crowd was electric, the noise deafening.