Gayle Concert Review (3-10-22)

Gayle Concert Review
3-10-22 @ Exit-In

Wow. Where to begin. I’ve known Gayle since she was twelve years old, performing at Opry Mills mall. Even back then I knew she had talent. To see her journey from then to having the #1 pop song on radio 5 years later is incredible.

Gayle has become a rockstar. Seeing her play to a sold -out crowd at Exit In last night, I felt like I was witnessing the start of something even bigger. She exuded stage presence, attitude, and talent. From the moment she stepped onstage Gayle had everyone’s attention. While her music and look has changed quite a bit, her ability to wow a crowd never has.

A few things stick out in my mind from a solid performance. The most notable, the song everyone was waiting for “ABCDEFU”. Seeing the crowd singing along to every word was surreal, and watching how happy Gayle was in her element, finally getting the recognition she’s worked so hard for all these years. ivermectin therapeutic class

But there were other moments for me, personally that made a mark. One, she performed a ballad on the piano. It was truly vulnerable, letting fans into the past few years of her life. Two, her cover of My Generation was electric. how dilute 1.87% ivermectin paste for use on dogs Gayle has always been the little girl with a big voice that made people stop and stare and she totally rocked this song. Her new single “Ur Just Horny” was also a big crowd pleaser.

Seeing Gayle’s musical growth over the past five years we couldn’t be happier for her. Through all the noise, she remains true to herself. And we look forward to seeing what happens next. ivermectin strongyloides vulgaris horse