Interview: Introducing Kyla Carter

Introduce yourself.

Hi! Nice to meet you! I am Kyla Carter and I am a 14 year old freshman in high school. I have been performing professionally since I was 5 years old, and have traveled the USA the last 5 years, performing on the biggest stages in America!

You have a new single “Half Full Half Empty”. Tell everyone about that.

Half Full Half Empty” is a song about perspective. I wrote the song about the choices we all have in life. We can try to see the positive side and the blessings in each day or we can constantly focus on the negative. It is your choice. I choose HALF FULL!             

You star as “CJ Suki” in the new Trolls-Topia. What is a typical day like being on an animated series? how to give your guinea pig ivermectin

Working in animation is very different from working on Broadway or TV/Film. Voice actors often never get to meet the other actors in the series. We spend our time recording our lines alone in a recording studio. You have to be able to take direction fast, and change up the line readings many ways, using different inflections and emotions. There is a lot of pressure to be able to portray the character correctly and you only have your voice to do that.

The past year has hit the Entertainment Industry hard with the Pandemic. dosis de ivermectina en perros cachorros What has kept you going during the rough times?        

As I stated earlier, I always try to see the positive side of things. Although this past year has been difficult, Covid has given me the gift of time. can ivermectin be put in dog’s ears I have been away from my home, family, and friends most of my life working. So, when the whole world shut down, I embraced the time I was given with my family. I also used that time to sit every day with my guitar and write my own songs and music. My plan was never to release them to the world, but to just enjoy a new found love for songwriting and hone in on the craft that I started many years ago, but didn’t have time to pursue.

During the pandemic you started your own podcast. Where did the idea come from and what is the concept?

“Kyla’s Korner” is a podcast segment featured weekly on “The Mark White Show”. During the pandemic Mark interviewed me, much like you are doing now. After the interview he reached out to me to tell me how much he loved my energy and positivity. He felt that the world really needed hope and encouragement, and offered me a weekly segment on his show where I could share encouraging and inspiring messages.

The main message that I try to relay to my listeners is to “Live Life Sunny Side Up.”  I think there is a lot of power in positivity and that is what captivates my audience. My goal each week is to come up with a topic that my listeners can relate to. I want them to know that despite challenges, road blocks, disappointments and bad days, there is always a way to find the bright light in the darkness.

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

Broadway opening! Live theater has always been a passion of mine and I cannot wait to get back on that Broadway stage!

Anything else you would like to add?

I would love your readers to check out my two newest releases “Average Puzzle Piece” and “Half Full Half Empty” streaming on all major platforms. I am also so excited to announce that I will be releasing a new single in June or July that is very different from my previous songs. As a new artist, I feel it is important to change it up and surprise my listeners.

How would you describe your music?           

My lyrics are a version of what is going on in my life at the time I am writing the song. If I was not drawing on real life experiences the songs would not have the same impact. When I write it is honest and from my heart. My music is soulful, unique, and inspiring.

How did you get started?      

When I was younger my parents put me in a variety of activities including soccer, gymnastics, ice skating, dance, and local theater class. I always gravitated towards the singing and dancing activities, and when I started to do pirouettes in the soccer goal, they knew I was not going down the sports route! So many coaches I worked with encouraged me to get an agent, so when I was 4 years old I auditioned at an agent showcase in NYC. The following day, about 10 agents and managers called wanting to sign me and the rest is history!

What was it like touring around the world playing on Broadway in “The Sound of Music” and “White Christmas”?

Working on Broadway for the past five years was a whirlwind of experiences and emotions. The cast became my family and I had a new home every week. In total, I have visited over 70 cities across America and Canada, traveled to over 35 states, performed well over 500 shows for audiences of 5000 people! I would say it was a DREAM COME TRUE!

Tell us about your leading role in the audiobook and YouTube series “Junga the Dancing Yeti Meets Heidi”?

Junga the Dancing Yeti Meets Heidi is part of a children’s book series about anti-bullying. I am so excited to be voicing the lead character Heidi and even more excited to be working with my brother for the first time, who is voicing the bully, Groth in the series!

I was also presented with the opportunity, not only to voice one of the leads for this franchise, but to collaborate with the director and co-write two children’s songs for the book, “Junga the Dancing Yeti Meets Heidi.”

What are your career goals in five years?

I have always taken life one day at a time and I am not one to set long-term goals especially in a business where I can be living anywhere in the country at any given moment. However, I do want to go to college and nothing would make me happier than to be back on Broadway in a principal role. I will continue to write and release music and my hope is that I will always be part of the DreamWorks Animation team! I love voice work and hope to continue that career.