Meet Ellarose Kaylor!

Introduce yourself.

Hi, I am Ellarose Kaylor I am 10 years old and I am an actress, singer and ice skater.  I also love gymnastics, to dance and do comedy skits on Reels.  

Your new single “I Still Believe” drops 1/29. What can fans expect?

 Thank you so much.  I am so excited for everyone to hear the song and the music video is coming out next month! I hope that the fans are inspired by the song to believe in themselves and never give up. 

Where did the title come from?

 I thought it was the perfect title and Kirsten Collins who is such a talented songwriter came up with it! 

Not only do you sing, but you also act, dance, and ice skate. How did you get started with all of that?  

I was in plays when I was really little and then I started ice skating. I met this really talented director/artist at a YouTube event and asked me to be in her YouTube show The Dab Off. I loved it so much and learned so much shooting that show.  Then I knew acting was in my heart.  I started to sing because I was lucky enough that my character in the film Next Level sang and performed two songs. That got me hooked.  Now I love to be involved in making a song from the very beginning from coming up with the concept to the end product! 

You were on the ABC Series Schooled, as well as the movie “Next Level”. How was filming a movie different from TV?  

I loved being on Schooled but it was just a few days and I didn’t really get that close to the cast.  Next Level was the best experience because it felt like we were in summer camp for 13 days in a row, acting, singing, and dancing.  The cast became like one big family and we had so much fun shooting and then hanging out at lunch, playing UNO, and making up pranks on each other!  Then we got to do a press tour to Canada and NY and that was soooo much fun! 

We hear you are a competitive ice skater and were recently cast as Nala in The Lion King On Ice. What was that experience like? 

I love to ice skate so much. I have done about 100 solo competitions!   (Well maybe not that many but it feels like a lot. ) I miss them because we have not been able to compete due to the pandemic. I train 3 times a week and I am also on the Synchronized Ice Skating team called Fusion.  I will be so happy when the Lion King On Ice can actually go on the road.  I am also a member of the LA Ice Theater. I just made the team this year and I am so excited! 

Tell us about Girl Guild, the organization you are a part of. 

It is such a great organization and I love to be apart of anything that inspires girls to be their best and encourages them to follow their dreams.  I hope to do more events with them when the pandemic is over. 

The past year has hit the Entertainment Industry hard with the Pandemic. What has kept you going during the rough times?  

Honestly, I feel lucky because I have been able to keep up the ice skating and when I could not skate I did “off ice” on Zoom and gymnastics in my front yard.  When I get down I make up a dance or do a comedy TikTok. Well, now my TikTok was deleted /banded so now I do them on Reels.  Staying creative and active keeps me happy.  Also, I love to do arts and crafts and take my dog Buddy to the beach.

What are you most looking forward to in 2021? 

Being able to ice skating without a mask!  LOL. I am looking forward to making another movie. I just got a cast in a really really cool film and I am so excited to start shooting.  We don’t have a shoot date yet due to Covid but I hope we will soon.   I also am slated to do a film in May.  It is a very scary thriller.  That will be super exciting. 

Anything else you would like to add? 

Thank you for the interview and your support. Let’s all remember to stay safe so we can get through this pandemic and be super nice to each other. I know some people are so mean on social media and I think we all need to just be kind and support each other because we are all in this together.