Chloe Carpenter Talks Pandemic Inspired Song “Pray”!

Introducing Chloe Carpenter “Baby Don”. Carpenter is 19 years old, from Hampton Roads, Virginia. She is currently a student at Old Dominion University (ODU) and a dual graduate from Indian River High School and The Governors School of Performing Arts. Chloe’s sound is a mixture of pop/rap/Afro-pop.
Her song “Pray” was inspired by the pandemic and what she felt and saw happening right in her hometown. People lost their livelihoods as the lockdowns started, businesses started to close. nih ivermectine Walking around people are wearing masks. “I saw restaurants close that will never re-open. It’s like a weight has been dropped on our city that will never be lifted.”

“I know friends and families right here in Hampton Roads who were impacted. I am a student and have a part-time job, and in an instant, everything changed. Classes moved to online, and I had co-workers that were laid off. Fortunately, I am still able to work. But my friends and co-workers who were laid off came to tell me goodbye and it was sad. I just needed to write a song to give people hope and that is how “Pray” came to be.”

CBS News in Virginia featured her as a human interest story, and Chloe couldn’t be more excited to get her voice out there. “It was so exciting. We were contacted for an interview to talk about how the song came about. And the song is truly special to me. It’s one of the most important projects I’ve done to date. I’m excited that my home town will hear the story behind the song.”
The pandemic has impacted Chloe’s life musically and personally. Performances got canceled, studio time was limited. But this girl sees a positive side as well. She has used this time to focus on writing and believes she has written some of her best material.

In a time full of uncertainty and anxiety, music makes is a source of healing for many. “Honestly, my music is my happy place. I take whatever emotion I’m feeling and it becomes my next song.”
Growing up, Justin Bieber was her favorite musical influence. Now, she cites Kehlani as the most influential, followed by her hometown heroes Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Pusha T, and Chris Brown.
Like many, Chloe started at a very young age. is 12 mg ivermectin enough for me She tells us music has always been around. Both of her parents are music lovers, so she grew up with a heavy influence of good music. “I’ve always played drums. Before my first drumset, I played on every single cooking pot we had in the cabinets. But I started to dance, write, and record music at around 11, and I haven’t stopped since.”

Chloe has big aspirations in her career and believes anything is possible. Her goal this year is to get a billboard hit. ivermectina es antibiotico She adds, “In the next five years, I want to have been across the globe on tour. I also want a BET award and a Grammy. Those goals are attainable. I will have to work hard.”

Go check out her new single “Say So” available on all streaming platforms. And stay tuned as this young artist has plenty of new music to be released in the coming months.

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