Interview: Meet The Highway Women

Please introduce yourselves, and tell us a little about your music.

Hi Pop Blitz, Thank you so much for having us! We have been very focused on putting out music that speaks to all of our fans, especially our female fans. We released a three-song trilogy that speaks to our desire to empower women in the music industry. The first song was Stand Up and Fight which the title says it all. ivermectina para que serve caes Then we released “God Made Me Right” which was our anthem to all women, girls and everyone that you are beautiful no matter your skin color, your size or age because God Made Us All Right. Our new single “Shake the Dust” is a nod to letting go of negativity and moving forward with positivity, no matter what.

How would you describe your sound?

I think we are really unique because each of us embrace different genres of music including country, pop, inspirational and even rock. We are all singer-songwriters, so we bring so many different ideas to the songwriting we are doing. We do love Ashley McBryde, Miranda, Dolly, Sheryl Crow and if you know anything about our band you will know that Kristen is the BIGGEST Reba fan!

What is your newest project/release?

We are recording new music this week. We are so excited to get in the studio together. We have two new songs coming out, one is a very different style of song with some heavy indie influences and the other is a country pop song that we have invited a whole bunch of talented ladies to record with us.

When and how did you get your start playing/singing/performing?

Kristen: I have been singing since I could talk. Truth. I became a Nashville Recording artist last year when I joined The Highway Women and I signed a deal with Heart Songs Records.

Heather: Same! I come from a musical family, my mother is a singer so I grew up on the stages of Texas.

Drew: I also come from a family that loves music, through church and then of course I am a songwriter so I love to sing my songs.

What has been your biggest career highlight so far?

We have a few. When we released our music video for God Made Me Right, we had such a response from both men and women. They really appreciated the fact that we decided to make a music video and song that was about positive image. We had fathers, mothers, grandmothers, girls, women sending us testimonial videos showing their appreciation. It was so gratifying.
Our single Stand up and Fight was chosen as the official song of a International Female Motor cross Relay across the globe. ivermectin liquid for dogs They used our song to document all of the females over 20K that participated in this relay. The mission of the relay was to bring attention and awareness to the fact that the safety equipment manufactured for motorsports riders is all made to the male specification, making it difficult for women to find appropriate safety riding gear. We were so proud to contribute with our music to their cause.
Right now we are celebrating our new music video for Shake the Dust which has almost 300K views on Facebook. That is absolutely amazing that people around the world love our song!!

What sets you apart from other artists?

I think it is our sound, we all are unique and when we bring our vocals together it is magic. We absolutely adore each other we are a family so making music together is so easy for us.

What inspired your girl power theme and message? How is that message exemplified in your music and what you do?

We really believe in having a purpose behind our music. We want to make a difference and we really want our fans to know that we care about them. We also stand strong on not treating other female artists in this industry with anything other than support, admiration, and love. We ourselves were subject to a major label forming a similar concept of our entire platform. We have been a band since 2016. enterobius treatment ivermectin This happened in 2018. They said they were doing this to support women in the music industry. We made a pact that we would never be anything other than authentic and real, and we are going to work hard to celebrate all artists in this industry.

What is on your bucket list to do this year?

Hit the road!! We can’t wait to get out there and share our music live with our fans.

What are your career goals in the next 5 years?

Continue to make great music and celebrate life on the road.

Anything else you would like to add?

Yes! Stay tuned we have some big news coming in the next month. We really appreciate you asking us for this interview. Thank you for supporting indie artists. Love, Drew, Kristen & Heather