Britton Cameron Offers Producing & Other Artist Services!

Introduce yourself?

Nice to meet you. I’m Britton Cameron. I’m originally from Gainesville, Fl. Been in Nashville since 2000. I have a wife, two young boys and a Dalmation named Ella.

What is your background?

My background has mostly always been music. My mom is a dance instructor. I grew up on a farm outside Gainesville, Fl where my grandfather turned me onto stuff like Johnny Cash and Don Williams. My mother is a dance instructor, she would always be choreographing to music like Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder. My brother who is a drummer and four years older than me, would spend all his money he made from returnable Pepsi Cola bottles on classic rock records.

I’ve been playing and singing since I was 9. My brother would drive us to the gigs when I was a junior in high school to do our four sets, four nights a week. My folks are pretty open minded, cause those places were rough man. I started making records in my grandfathers barn that we converted into a studio when I was in my twenties. Started a band called House of Dreams, and certainly I regret the name in hindsight, I think at the time we thought we were some redneck version of Crowded House. But I certainly don’t regret the names of the people that I played with in that band or the experiences. Did a record with John Kurzweg, (produced Creed and Eagle Eye Cherry), He moved into the barn with us for a couple months and we made a record that got us an independent deal that eventually led to a deal with RCA records where we did a record with Kieth Olsen (Fleetwood Mac and Foreigner). Moved to Nashville in 2000 and started getting enough cuts to get me thru more than a handful of publishing deals (Warner Chappell and Windswept). Did a couple records with Justin Niebank hat led to a deal with Big Machine Music.

How long ago did you start the company?

Well. I started spending more time as a Producer/Mentor about seven years ago.

Why did you start the company?

I started becoming more interested in producing. And thru that, I actually started seeing the downside of technology and how accessible and simple it is to jump right into the recording process. Especially,, considering that I spent years first learning the 100’s of songs, writing 100’s more, performing before we ever got the opportunity to go into the studio and record. There are countless upsides for sure, but the danger is a trend that puts the cart before the horse. So I found a situation where I could work long-term with young artists to help develop their songwriting, studio vocal and live performance and use that energy to produce records when they more prepared to do so. And honestly, I’m 52 and everything has a season, so the weather feels more better when I’m sharing some knowledge some others shared with me.

What are your services/products?

I offer one on one development via online and in my home studio that is family friendly and rock ‘n’ roll at the same time. So, whether you’re just starting out or have been doing it for a while, I do my best to meet Artist where their at by starting with the basic concepts of songwriting all the way through to the performance and recording of their songs. Through collaboration and guidance, I teach a no nonsense approach to being a more creative person, and how to use the craft of songwriting not as a predictable formula but as a set of tools to keep young artist motivated to start and complete well crafted songs. I mentor on songwriting, singing live and in the studio. I’m a singer songwriter myself, so my producing style gravitates towards a great amounts of priority on the song and the singer. And usually in that order

Tell us about packages/prices?

I am totally independent artist friendly. Economy with Dignity.

What are your goals?

To help young artist reach their goals and reach some more myself.

Why should people invest in your services?

Because I’m honest. Having someone to help you develop a plan and giving you the tools to do for yourself is much more beneficial than hanging out with folks that are still trying to convince you that you can stand at the bottom of the mountain and jump to the top.

Where can people go to check out your services?

What have you learned from running the company?

The more I learn, the more I need to learn.

How have the past few months affected you?

Big shift!! More working thru the glass of a box which I’ve been doing a little along anyways. But, It’s giving me time to look at things I need to change, and the things I need to keep the same. More perspective. It’s hard to read the label when you’re in the jar.

Where are you located/how long have you lived there?

Kingston Springs, TN . 20 minutes outside Nashville.

Anything else you would like to add?

Yes.. Thanks for your time..