Macy Martin Interview

Fresh off quarantine college graduation and a new single release, singer-songwriter Macy Martin is ready to bring more of her brand of country-pop music to the world. Still, under restrictions from the pandemic, Martin has been using the time to work on new music, and she is very excited for everyone to hear it.
A lover of music and singing for as long as she can remember, the Texas-born Martin has been performing since around the age of seven. Her public debut came as part of a mentoring program through the Miss America Scholarship Pageant Organization. At a preliminary pageant for Miss Texas, she was the “guest” entertainment while the girls changed from their talent costumes to their ball gowns. “If you search ‘Macy Martin singing Part of Your World’ on Youtube, you’ll find me in an Ariel costume, nodding my head to address the audience, and living my mermaid dreams,” she says.

Those dreams have now become a reality (except for the mermaid part) for the singer, who describes her sound as a mix of the musical styles she grew up on. “The current artists that I love listening to and are inspired by are Ingrid Andress, Harry Styles, Caitlyn Smith, and  Selena Gomez to name a few,” she says. “Honest lyrics with a catchy melody.”

That honesty comes through in her own music, especially in her new single, “I Miss You.” She has also released a piano version of the song, which she chose to cut because she could relate to the lyrics’ sentiments of beauty, growth, and pain. She is so excited about the song, she wants everyone to hear it, and she says, “If you’re reading this you should definitely go listen to it now!”

She adds that this ability to relate to music is also what sets artists apart from each other. “We’re all human,” she says. “Even though we as people can relate to similar experiences, at the end of the day, we’re all unique and have our own stories to tell. That’s what I always strive to do in the music that I create – to share a bit of my own story through it.”

This has helped her build quite a large YouTube following, and her video for her previous single, “Don’t Be the Reason” has earned almost half a million views. She has also had some other exciting career moments. “A really cool highlight from my career thus far that I nerd out over was getting to perform at a small summer festival in Bethel, NY,” she says. The festival was held on the same grounds as Woodstock, and she and her band got to walk the field where the main stage was. “It was the absolute coolest experience,” she says.

She has also recently earned a music business degree from Belmont University in Nashville, where she has lived for the last four years. Graduating from college is no easy feat while also building a singing career, but what has made the experience even more unique is graduating in quarantine. Of this, Martin says, “It was definitely different, as it wasn’t how anyone could imagine graduation for the class of 2020 to be four years ago.” Still, she has no complaints about virtual graduation because it allowed her to “attend” her cousin’s graduation from FSU as well, a moment she calls “a bright spot.”

She also credits technology for allowing her to work with her producer during quarantine to record her new music recorded in her house. When she hasn’t been working on music or school, she has made it a point to reach out to friends and family and to go outside every day with her puppy, Wrangler. “Surprising to most people, I’m really an introvert, so being at home and being a bit forced to rest has been nice,” she explains. “What I do miss the most though is performing live in person!”

And that is a big part of her plans for the rest of the year. Aside from continuing to work on new music and traveling, she is “ready to hit the road” as soon as it’s safe to do so. “I love to visit places that pull me out of my own perspective and push my comfort boundaries a bit,” she says. “I get so inspired artistically from experiencing new places.”

With the country working on reopening, she may get the opportunity sooner rather than later. Until then, she extends the opportunity for her fans to connect with her virtually. “Go follow me on social media so we can be internet friends! All of my social media is @macymartinmusic. Can’t wait to hang out!”