Sharpe Family Interview!

The energy, humor, and overall connection of the Sharpe Family infuses everything they do. On stage, on video, and even on Tik Tok, this fun musical family has taken the world by storm with their vocal talents, their infectious presence, and their silly “Who Sang It Best?” stairway competitions.

The stairway skits are just one small part of their Tik Tok performances, which include fun musical sketches in the family home. The group consists of mom, Barbra; dad, Ron; daughter, Samantha; son, Logan; and identical twin sons, Aidan and Connor Sharpe. On a concert trip to Ireland and France this past Christmas, they watched Frozen 2, and the kids decided to make their first video, which the family put on TikTok. That video turned into many others, which have amassed a following of 2.5 million. The family comes up with the ideas for their videos together, but Ron Sharpe credits Samantha with having the best ones, along with Barbra and Logan. “Usually we will find a song first that we enjoy and put our own spin on it, but we also come up with fun skits we want to perform and then search for the right song,” he says. “Because our group has all ages, each one of us has our favorite songs and ideas. I’m often surprised when the kids show us a song that was actually a huge hit from many years ago. A great song is always a great song!”

And the family has certainly had a long history of performing great songs. Barbra and Ron met on the Broadway stage of Les Miserables, in which they played the romantic leads of Marius and Cosette. After marrying onstage 1,000 times, they decided to do it for real. Ron later went on to perform as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables and was the first actor to play both leads in the Broadway show.

Now they have a family concert-show, Married to Broadway, which combines both family stories and humor with performances of the most popular blockbuster songs of our time. Ron and Barbra say, “We have always been a singing family, and music has been a big part of our lives. One by one each of the kids has decided on their own they wanted to sing.” The show was inspired by “the fact Barbra and Ron met on the stage of Les Miz and got married.” It started about five years ago with the idea of having a “Broadway and Popular music show” experience without having to go to New York. “The chance to have a family perform together is unique, and we have been compared to many of the great family groups from the past, which is a huge compliment for us,” they say. “It is unusual to have a family where each one can perform the lead on any song and sing it well!”

The show has allowed the family to showcase those talents to audiences around the world and in the U.S. When asked what it’s like to tour together, Ron says, “I think we all would say the most fun we have is when we are touring together. Normally when you tour with a group, you are not with your family so it can have its moments, but when the whole family is together, it ends up being extremely rewarding!” It also helps that they spend a lot of time touring in Florida, so they often go to Universal and Disney. Ron adds that this “is possibly why the kids wanted to sing with us. It can also be educational on the road, but we always seem to end up at a theme park!”

They hope to be able to continue to tour, and their fall concert schedule looks like it could still be possible with shows in LA, Boston, and Florida. They also have a long run this December at Resorts in Atlantic City. Aside from that, the family has been working hard on their videos and their music. They will soon be releasing a few original songs and are working on a holiday album. They will also be setting up their Youtube channel soon with longer videos and sharing those with their followers.

These are big milestones for the family, who have already seen their fair share of career accomplishments. They have performed for Presidents of various countries, including two in the U.S., and for many well-known dignitaries and celebrities. Barbra and Ron produced both the Broadway musical A Tale of Two Cities and the PBS special of the show from London and Paris with Michael York narrating.
But none of this compares to the joy of performing with their children and seeing their accomplishments on the stage. “What really touches us now is seeing the kids have so much fun and success in performing for crowds,” Ron and Barbra say. “There are times on stage where the kids are so good that we find ourselves watching them perform and not really performing for the audience!” And the kids have had success off the concert stage as well. Aidan and Connor were cast members of the soap opera All My Children and appeared in over 100 episodes. Samantha recorded an album for Sesame Street when she was little and also performed with Tony Bennet and Queen Latifa at the U.S. Open right after 9/11. Logan has appeared as the lead, Troy Bolton, in High School Musical at his high school and played Gavorche in Les Miserables, the Broadway tour.

Though all of this is on hold right now, the family has tried to keep busy in other ways, including making Tik Tok videos. Aside from those, the twins and dad go bike riding almost every day and have been fishing a lot. They have also all done some deep cleaning and work on projects around the house. And, Ron adds, “I think the most fun has been now we are all eating dinner together and cooking has improved so much!” Netflix and Xbox also make up for some of the quarantine time spent at home, and the family also does a lot of FaceTime and Zoom meetings. “It does seem like we are in the past, where there are so many families out taking a walk and getting to know their neighbors from a distance,” he says of the current situation. “There is something amazing about everyone being put together, that we should enjoy this time as life can be so frantic and busy!”

This positive outlook makes it easier for the family to muddle through the remaining days of quarantine, and their online following has gone a long way in helping maintain that. “I believe for us, all of the wonderful comments we get from our family and from around the world on our videos has been inspirational. As a family, we really try to connect with everyone who writes us and comments,” Ron and Barbra say. They have had some videos with 100,000 comments, so they admit it can be difficult. But they add, “We are lucky the four older members of the group really enjoy reading and answering as many comments as we can.” For the family, this time does not mean they cannot still connect with and bring joy to their audience. “Normally you receive applause, but online, you receive a like or a heartfelt comment,” Ron says. “It is an unbelievable sight to see people around the world imitate your video within a few minutes of your posting! It’s hard to imagine this ability to connect with people instantly only 10 years ago.” It is this particular element of performing in today’s world that astounds him most. He and his wife say, “The fun part about all of this is that the parents performed in Broadway shows for over a decade, and in that time, about three million people watched them perform onstage, and now with online videos, we have had close to 150 million households see us instantly. With over 50 million on one video alone. The power of online performing is amazing!”

Still, the family looks forward to what’s next, whatever that may be. They are excited at the prospect of releasing their first original song to the world, and they hope to continue with concerts they have performed each year for charities. Last year they received an award from the American Cancer Society for their work, and they will be participating in a few online charity events this summer for several groups.
As for what else life has in store for them, they say, “We know we want to be singing, and hopefully we will get to that next level. A recording contract, a TV show, whatever comes our way, we will embrace!” That’s good news for their followers, who can’t get enough of this talented, entertaining group, and we can only hope for many chances to see more of them and feel a little bit of that family connectedness ourselves.