Kelsey Bovey Interview

Kelsey Bovey just released her new single “Magnetic” and can’t wait for you to hear it. “The inspiration for ‘Magnetic’ came from a moment I was sat thinking about past relationships and that feeling you get when you first get together. It has a hint of uncertainty when you have been hurt before and scared of falling in too deep to stop it happening again even though you know it’s not in their nature” Kelsey confides.

“Love is a great feeling when it’s mutual. Having someone who fully supports you and doesn’t judge is one of the best feelings ever. It’s a feeling that can lift the mood in any given situation and leave you with a better sense of self” she adds.

Last year her debut EP “It’s My Time” dropped and was a very vulnerable experience for her. “My debut EP ‘It’s My Time’ was an emotional EP for me to release and is all about my personal experiences as a teenager including being bullied and heartbreaks. I wanted to keep it as authentic as possible so people struggling with these issues will know everything will be okay and these things don’t last forever.”

As if having your own album out isn’t exciting enough, this young artist hit the Top 30 charts in the UK with another single “Define Me”. When asked her initial reaction Kelsey says “I couldn’t believe it!! I woke up with a text saying that it was in the top 50 and I was thinking you are having a laugh. Throughout the day it was climbing higher and higher and genuinely couldn’t believe my eyes. I was not prepared for that but gives me validation that people love what I’m doing.”

For Bovey the journey to music began early. “It all started when I was 8 years old and asked if I wanted to learn the piano with a friend of mine. Ever since then I have developed skills vocally and instrumentally and I’m so thankful that I had that growing up as it’s helped me so much with where I’m at now. “

When asked to describe her sound this artist sticks to the mainstream. “My sound is Country/Pop. I love making music that inspires people through hard times which comes from personal experience but also having those songs that people can let their hair down too and have a good time. “

Bovey hails from the UK and believes in the music scene there. “The UK Music Scene is slowly but surely getting there. I have a lot of faith that the scene will grow much bigger over the next 5 years especially for country artists like myself. I find the UK scene to be so lovely and supportive of what you do which makes a great place to be. “

One of the top things on on her bucket list for this year was to gig as much as possible but due to Covid-19 many gigs were canceled. She remains optimistic saying “The top thing on my bucket list is to beat ‘Define Me’ chart position with ‘Magnetic’, which would be incredible. For the moment, I’m focusing on live streams and growing my platform as much as I can.”

Her plan? “I don’t have anything set in mind other than trying to make an impact in America. For the time being I want to focus on writing and releasing music as I want to focus on making more music that will take me to where I need to be for the next steps in my career. “