Danny McMahon Interview

UK Artist Danny McMahon just dropped “My Kinda City”. When asked where he drew the inspiration for that song McMahon replied “I wrote the song with Tyler Bank who’s a Nashville writer. When we sat down he had this one line which was “Paris Pretty” which I absolutely loved and still do! So we tried to find places where we’d both been in the States and Europe and basically load that into the concept of a love song. The concept is essentially no matter where you are in the world that one special person doesn’t change. “

And this guy should know. He has toured all over the world the past year, playing all over the UK and the States. As many artists would agree Nashville was big on his list. “I love playing in Nashville as a songwriter because the whole culture of the city is based around music and songwriting, and you totally feel that when you’re there. ” Danny adds that he also loved playing in Harrisburg PA and NYC earlier in the year, remembering how they played some amazing shows. 

Throughout his tour McMahon played some pretty cool venues. What has been his favorite? “I really loved the shows we played in Harrisburg as part of the Millennium Music Conference. I also loved playing the Empress Ballroom as part of the British Country Music Festival, that was a really stunning venue. “

Life on the road can get pretty crazy, and there are always those items that musicians need with them. For Danny it’s “My guitar, my lyric book, food that makes me feel human, ideally my band and someone who’s more organised than me! “

When he was sixteen, McMahon got a deal with a rock band . “That’s when I fell in love with touring and being on the road. I just love travelling. I think writing music and playing live are my true loves in this industry” he reminisces.

This artist describes his sound as “My favourite parts of Country and my favourite parts of pop all thrown into a big old melting pot! “

When asked to compare the UK Music scene with the American he feels that both have their strengths. “No doubt the commercial element of the American scene is what makes it massively appealing and I love Nashville and the writing culture. However the UK isn’t oversaturated yet, so there’s still a really keen demand for live performances which means I get to make a living out of playing live which is amazing. “

One of the biggest honors in his career has been the UKCMA Awards in the UK. “I always say that being recognised at any level by any organisation for creating original music really is the biggest honour! Nominations are always exciting but to go that step further and win three awards in one night at the UKCMAs was honestly mind blowing!”

This young man is already scratching things off his bucket list for the year. “Well number one was to go to America with the band and we achieved that, number 2 was to get another UK Country number 1 single and we did that, so for me I’m not about creating dead set goals because this industry is mad, but we’re working with some cool people in Nashville at the moment, so we’ll see what comes of that. “

His career goals in the next 5 years? “I always say I’d love to do something of note as a British male artist in America, If I can do that, then I’ve achieved the absolute dream! “