Amanda Rose Riley Releases Better

The epitome of DIY gusto that is Amanda Rose Riley is once again inspiring music lovers and fans around the world with her dedication and perseverance, as she prepares for a quarantined worldwide tour. To supporttheMayrelease of her second studio album, Better, the acoustic singer-songwriter was eagerly gearing up for a promotional tour until the global shutdown forced her to call it off. The spunky artist decided that wouldn’t stop her: now she will be touring worldwide, right from her bedroom in NewJersey.

Through a combination of geographically focused sets on her own Facebook page and guest sets on other pages, Riley’s “virtual tour” will reach multiple audiences around the world. scabioral tablete In addition to songs from the album, she will also play some of her older songs and carefully chosen covers, different for each set. She hopes that the message listeners will take away from better–especially in these challenging times–is that“we can always be better as people, as a society, and at whatever it is that we do. is ivermectin related to.brevecto

With an authentic sound that combines quirky indie-folk with pop and rock influences, Riley’s new songs speak to audiences about meaningful moments in her own life as well as bigger societal themes. For example, Better’s title track serves as an anthem for flawed human beings trying to get it right, while Boxed In tells a charming story of a squirrel contemplating the often counterproductive human desire to avoid one another (of course inconveniently written and recorded just before social distancing became necessary). The album will be out in digital and CD format on May 8th. ivermectin cancer stem cells It can be purchased and streamed through the usual music channels, as well as