Introducing Azra

Azra came to America from South Korea when she was nine years old, and was thrown into a whole new world. Having left everything she knew behind, she had to adapt to a new culture, learn a new language, and get to know new people. That can be tough for anyone, but Azra didn’t let it phase her. She formed a music group with other girls to learn English. She got involved in drama at school. And over time, she became accustomed to her new surroundings.

Her debut EP is set to release March 3rd, with 5 tracks full of inspiration for life. “That’s my passion. It doesn’t always have to be positive.” Azra says about using her songs to speak out on various subjects. Her single “Shine” was written in honor of the shooting in Orlando. “I want to empower people, to let them know no matter what you can still shine and be who you are.” She will be shooting a music video for that in the very near future.

Azra is not only an artist, but a businesswoman as well. In college she started a consulting company, wanting to help small businesses. Not long after she formed a record label, which she is releasing her own music under.

Azra confesses she went through some health problems, mainly with her eyes. After a scary period of time where she had lost her eyesight, her confidence was shaken. Having performed all of her life Azra wasn’t sure where to turn. She recalls accepting a modeling gig, and being scared and vulnerable to go up there in front of everyone. However, once she got back on that stage her confidence started to return. It was that very gig that made her feel like her dreams were still possible, and got her back into doing music.

This young woman believes that as long as you are progressing that you are successful. She quotes “Music is inspiration.” and hopes to contribute to the music industry with songs of substance, and to help one person at a time.

We wish her the best of luck on her journey!