Remy Garrison Interview

Contributing Editor Andrea Knapp

These days all of us are finding ourselves with extra time on our hands, and life has slowed down significantly. But singer-songwriter, Remy Garrison, is not letting the time off deter her from promoting her latest single. Aside from exercising, spending time with family, and playing with her dogs, Garrison has been working on press and socials for her new music video for her song “D.O.N.E.”

Though she is relatively new to the Nashville music scene, Garrison says singing has always come naturally to her. She grew up in Alabama, the product of a musical family, and as a child “I would sing and come up with lyrics and melodies around the house before I realized what I was doing. Even today, I still do some of my best work singing in the shower!” She has also been taking guitar lessons for many years, and she writes most of her songs on the guitar.

This may be why she draws comparisons to Taylor Swift, whom she cites as an early influence. “My very first inspiration for music was Taylor Swift,” she says. “I was about six when she was starting out, and I immediately took to her music and saw it as the career path for me.” She has also been compared to Meghan Trainor and Katy Perry.

Despite these comparisons, Garrison is paving her own way. When asked what sets her apart from other artists, Garrison says, “Well, I have a llama-themed studio on Music Row. I’m just authentically myself and I wanna be friends with everyone. This isn’t a job for me, it’s a passion and I enjoy every second of it.” And her time in Nashville has been well-spent so far. She had her first performing job at Tootsies, and she says she has been able to “learn quickly and meet amazing people downtown.” She shot the video for “D.O.N.E.” with Nashville director, Logen Christopher and had a lot of fun doing it. She counts this and the release of her first two singles and videos, “Sorta, Kinda, Maybe” and “Dear December” as the highlights of her career so far.

Her passion for performing and her positive attitude come through in her music, which she describes as pop or pop-country. But she also adds, “The song goes where the song wants to go!” Usually, the song takes her to a personal place, as she strives to write songs that reflect her life and her experiences. “I write about the things I am feeling and going through,” she explains, “with the hopes that it is similar to what other people go through and they can relate!” Since she is always working on music, she appreciates every chance she has to share her songs and see them come to life. “It also means a lot when I hear from people and how they relate to it!” she adds. “I’m always appreciative when they take the time to share with me too!”

Though she loves performing and making music and wants to keep the momentum going, she is quick to support staying at home during the current Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, she says that is the most important way to give back right now, but she helps out in other ways as well. She and her family donate lunch once a week for health care workers, donate to their local community food bank, and support small businesses they have patronized for a long time.

Garrison also tries to maintain her usual positivity by rewatching all the Harry Potter movies. She says, “They always make me happy! But I’m a happy person naturally, so I am usually pretty positive in any situation.” Still, she is enthusiastic about being able to go to Sephora when restrictions lift and says she is a “big fan of makeup.” This year she is also looking forward to “releasing more music, shooting more music videos, writing and recording in the studio, performing more, traveling again…” and, she jokes, “establishing my llama farm.” She also hopes in the next five years to have the opportunity to perform at Bridgestone Arena or at an awards show and to open for Taylor Swift.

Right now, though, she is happy to spread her positivity to those who need it and to give some sage and uplifting advice on making it through quarantine. She says, “I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time. Remember that staying home IS helping the Covid cause, and if you feel yourself getting cabin fever, watch Harry Potter or check out my new video for ‘D.O.N.E.’ You won’t be sorry!”

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