Isaiah Grass Interview

Sometimes a source of light comes from the most unexpected places. A conversation with a perfect stranger, for example. We spoke with Isaiah Grass the other day in an attempt to get his story. What we got instead was the story of humanity, of being there for each other during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Now some of you may remember Isaiah from his audition on this season of American Idol. My first impression wasn’t good. I made assumptions based on what I saw on TV about someone I didn’t even know. We all do this. It’s the way of the world. After speaking to this young artist, determined to set the record straight on an image portrayed by reality TV of a pop diva, we quickly realized we were wrong. Isaiah spoke to us candidly about Idol, about music, and life, and we quickly discovered there is a lot more to this young man than meets the eye. A singer-songwriter based out of Chicago, Grass has been performing as long as he can remember. It started with the church choir as a child, and then onto a Performing Arts School. His goal has always been to make music that will help people. More than ever right now, he believes that music heals. And we couldn’t agree more.

When American Idol producers first reached out to Isaiah on social media, he was a bit hesitant. He wasn’t sure it was the right path for him but admits wanting to make other people happy. So he gave it a chance. And even though it didn’t go as one might have hoped –he didn’t even make it onto the show — his audition, however, did. And Grass is grateful. But at this time, his focus is on others. “This virus is affecting everyone all over the world right now. They are losing their jobs, they are unable to pay rent. I want people to understand my gratitude but to also show a lot of empathy right now to people in need.”

The past few weeks have been tough on all of us, as we search for answers, and struggle with a new normal. “We’re in a very scary time. I’m trying to bring light and positivity in the world to let people see that the darkness we’re all feeling with the anxiety of having to stay home, being upset because we don’t have jobs, feeling like we can’t go back to our normal lives.” Isaiah confides. However, he believes it’s all about your mindset. That if you look hard enough, there are always silver linings. Instead of complaining you are bored, use this time to open up your minds to new things. Write a new song, read a book, learn a recipe, watch a movie, learn an instrument, the list goes on and on.
“Right now we are in a time where musicians can engage with their followers. I feel a lot of times people just create content and don’t engage because they are so busy. Now we have the time.” This young man tries his best to answer messages and keep in touch but admits it can get overwhelming.

Our conversation turns to faith. Growing up, church was a strong foundation, and he developed his sense of faith early on. Isaiah firmly believes that God has a reason for everything that he does. “There’s a lot of ugly things in the world that people do. Maybe God’s trying to clean that up. He’s trying to show people to be grateful for what they have, whether it’s big or small.” He believes it’s not a coincidence, adding “There’s gotta be a reason why this is happening in the world. We’ve got to be able to do something to help ourselves and each other during this time.”

He wants to give thanks to the people on the front line, especially. “To the doctors, the grocery store workers, the pharmacists, those are the true heroes. They have been doing so much to help the world in this scary time.” He tells us a story of going to Aldi the other day and encouraging a young worker there, and how much that meant. “People are still trying to make money to survive. We have to be there together as human beings in this world to help each other instead of hoarding all the food, trying to create controversy.”

Grass is against celebrities who negatively use their power of fame. He believes that artists should be encouraging each other, creating positive music. “When you’re a singer you feel like you’re invincible. Nothing can happen to you. God is purposely doing this to show you that we all bleed the same, we are all responsible to help the world become a better place. ” Through this, we have all seen people coming through to help each other.

Grass firmly believes that God gives people certain talents in life and they can choose what they do with them. He believes music is his gift and strives to create relatable content that can inspire and uplift. His current single, “Wherever You Are” is about going through hard times in life, knowing that there is always someone there to help you. Grass believes this is something that everyone can relate to at all times, but especially during this time of uncertainty. His focus is on trying to uplift people, admitting that in his life he has gone through a lot of struggles that have opened his heart, his mind, and his eyes to be more understanding of others. “If we are too focused on thinking about what we can do for ourselves, then we miss out on doing God’s work for us.” With that in mind let’s all take a minute to be grateful for what we have, and to reach out to one another. We are all in this together.

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