Taylon Hope Interview

Meet Taylon Hope, a fourteen-year-old singer-songwriter from the mountains of North Carolina (West Jefferson). She made the big move to Music City just three ago and has already played at infamous venues all over town including the Ryman, Grand Ole Opry, and Bluebird cafe. “Nashville is a really amazing town to live in. It’s like a big community in a small world here for sure” she believes.

A small child, Taylon was only four years old when she started singing in church. At eight years of age, she started traveling to other churches, performing with a church group. It was then she got into songwriting and learning piano and guitar. Dolly Parton has been her biggest influence, and Hope can’t say enough good things about her. Other influences include Reba, Martina McBryde, Vince Gill, and Luke Combs. She loves 90’s country as well as classic country music. When I mentioned the community of young singer-songwriters in town she says “It’s crazy. We all started so young and knew each other that young. We got to see each other grow up and now we’re all driving.” We agree that it’s been a blessing to be a part of that musical community.

For Taylon it was a dream come true to play on the Opry.”That’s always been my dream since I was little. I used to go into the bathroom or my bedroom and listen to the Grand Ole Opry since I was 7 or 8. There’s a vibe there that feels like everyone is backing you up and is behind you. I’ve been very blessed.” She also enjoyed playing on the Ryman in January with Lee Greenwood, Abby Anderson, Dolly Parton, and Maisy Stella just to name a few.

Hope has had the privilege of meeting her idol, Dolly a few times over the course of her career. The first time was when she was eleven years old, thanks to her producer Kent Wells. He worked with Dolly and has been an amazing producer and mentor to Taylon. “I’ve always admired Dolly and her music, especially how she gives back to everyone through her hometown. I got to talk to her for about 30 minutes in January and again in April. She called me Jolene because of my red hair so that was kind of funny.”

Her newest single “Country in Me” can be found wherever you stream music. Hope wrote it less than a year ago with Bridgette Tatum (she wrote “Shes’ Country” for Jason Aldean). Taylon gushed about how great it was to work with her. When asked about “Country In Me” we’re told it’s a really fun song with a country and pop vibe to it. You can check out the brand new video for the single, released just a few weeks ago online. “I think it’s so much fun to see what you’ve written come to life like a mini-movie. We’re working on getting it out to more stations, so that will be fun for CMA Fest” Taylon adds, noting that it is one of her favorites she’s written so far.

During quarantine Taylon has been doing a lot of Skype writes, two or three a week. She plans on releasing a new single this summer and is excited about that. “I love storytelling. Writing has been one of my favorite parts since moving to Nashville. I’ve gotten to meet and write with so many people. She tells us that she’s always loved writing stories and papers in school and that she wrote her first song with mom when she was seven or eight. It was called “She Prayed Anyway. ” Songwriting is very therapeutic, especially now. You can also catch her “Tuesday’s With Taylon” Livestreams on Facebook and Instagram.

Taylon Hope is full of excitement for the future and has many things she hopes to accomplish. The first is to put more stories in her songs that people can relate to and it helps them. “Music heals for sure, especially with whats everything on right now and doing the lives. That’s why it’s so important to be able to sing and tell people stories to make people happy.” She hopes to go on tour soon to play for more people. Her biggest dream is to play the actual Opry show.

“It’s going to be a good year for music I think. It’s not started off too good for the world. It’s been a rough year so far, but I believe it will get better once we all come together and have hope.” What a positive outlook from such a young artist who is well on her way.

Check out the new single and the music video, as well as stay updated with her schedule by visiting taylonehopemusic.com.