Ashley Taylor Interview

Originally from Bakersfield, CA singer-songwriter Ashley Taylor moved to Nashville over four years ago. “When I came out to Nashville I’d never seen it before. I packed up all of my things, got on a plane and made it happen. I slept on couches doing whatever I could.” Taylor couldn’t be happier with her decision.

When Ashley was seventeen, she picked up a guitar. Then she went out and purchased a book and taught herself to play. She credits her love of country music to Grandma, who played records every day. After Grandma passed on, Ashley inherited her record collection. Growing up in Bakersfield (the home of the famous Bakersfield sound), artists like Merle Haggard and Buck Owens were legends.

Upon graduating from high school this young adult went on to study audio production in college. While she still loves to record demos, Ashley realized it wasn’t what she wanted to do for a living. It was then that she began to dive more into songwriting. ivermectine nom commercial “I love being an artist. I love touring, meeting people. I love everything and anything about it. However, it all starts with a song. To the day I die, I know no matter what happens that I want to write songs” Ashley tells us.

Brandi Clark is her biggest songwriting influence. Earlier music influences include Loretta Lynn, The Dixie Chicks. and Gretchen Wilson. “I can remember where I was when I heard Redneck Women and knowing that’s who I wanted to be.”

Congratulations are in order on Taylor’s recent engagement to fellow singer-songwriter Chris Delisle. She’s known Chris for two years, playing shows together, and dating. “He took me up to the Smoky Mountains and popped the question above the mountains. And it was beautiful. I definitely cried happy tears. Super excited.” And we couldn’t be happier for her.

Chris had been planning on asking for a while but was waiting for the right place and time. After the tornadoes and Coronavirus hit he told her he realized we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but he knew he wanted to be with her.

During a time when many musicians are out of a job Ashley is fortunate to still be working at her day job and is working extra hours to save up money. While her shows have been canceled, Taylor has thought about jumping on to do a virtual set. “I do think that is very important to keep positive during this time. So if we can do something to take people’s minds off it and help during this time I think that’s important.”

Her last single “Family” came out back in November. Taylor wrote it one night by herself, sitting at the kitchen table. Family is super important to her, having grown up with four brothers. “As much as I may have wanted to kill those guys there’s not a day that I would kill for them. That’s the beautiful thing about family.”

These past few years Ashley has done a lot of shows solo or with Chris playing guitar for her. This year she is focused on full band shows, playing more fairs and festivals. Ashley aspires to get out to as many places as possible once this is all over. She also plans on releasing new music saying “In the next couple months Lord willing we’re allowed to see each other and be out in public again we’ll record new music to release later this year. a que hora tomar la ivermectina ” Ultimately, Taylor is using this time to become better at her craft.

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