Courtney Peveler Interview

Meet Courtney Peveler. We’ve had the privilege of knowing her for a few years now. A high school senior now, Courtney just turned 18. She’s played all over Nashville and Kentucky (where she still lives). Her music can be described as a mix of soul and pop.

Courtney started acting in plays. After some time she began to realize that while acting was fun, she’d prefer to do something in music. Beginning with talent shows five years ago, this youngster started singing, playing, and writing music.

Back in February Peveler hosted a benefit concert near her hometown, raising over $1000 for St. Jude Children’s Research. “It was a lot of fun. I’ve always been a big supporter of St. Jude. You realize how much they do even if you’re not going to that hospital.”

When asked about music aspirations, Courtney says she hopes to still do music in some way. But she admits it’s hard. It’s something she used to do with her dad, who passed away from cancer about seven months ago. She confesses it feels different now, especially looking out into the crowd and having him not be there. Music was a big part of their lives, and Trent was a huge supporter of her music, always there with a smile to listen, even during those final months.

Courtney plans on going to college next year for her RN (Masters in Psychology and Counseling). She wants to become a Mental Health Therapist. For the longest time, Peveler says she didn’t know what she wanted to do. However, when her dad got diagnosed with cancer and seeing what the hospital staff did, and how they helped her family sparked something in her. This teen has always enjoyed helping people and sees this as a good way to do just that. She plans on going into music therapy to join her love of music with medicine.

While this is a tough time for everyone Courtney manages to stay productive and to stay positive. “I try to remember that there is always good in everything. No matter what God is putting into my life, he knows. So I shouldn’t worry because he is in control.”

We wish Courtney the best as she continues her journey!