Dalton Black Interview

Singer-songwriter Dalton Black grew up in East Tennessee (near Knoxville). As a kid, Black was in choir, but he also had a sharp ear for music. “Listening to the radio growing up I could always change the words to the songs on the fly. I used to do it for my buddies and my family, make funny songs with the same melody. It wasn’t until 2015 that he started really getting into music. Taught himself guitar, played his first gig, and was hooked.

“It developed this hunger and this love and passion for music and to write my own songs. I feel like I have something to say and that’s why I love songwriting so much. I tell people all the time my Dear Diary is six strings and a guitar. I turn to the guitar to get those feelings out.”
Realizing this was what he wanted to do with his life, this aspiring songwriter moved to Nashville just two short years later. He describes his music as a traditional country with an “outlaw sound”. His Influences include Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Merle Haggard.

Dalton enjoys co-writing 5 times a week, sometimes 2 or 3 each day. He’s trying to write as many songs as possible to build a catalog to show publishers. He feels confident that he has stuff major artists would enjoy. “That’s the hardest thing about all this. Wanting to stay distant from people, but my everyday is seeing different people. Being in a room with them for 5-6 hours.” He also enjoys playing in writers’ rounds. His current single “Grandaddy’s Gospel” hit #1 HLE Country Christian Countdown (based in Louisianna) two weeks in a row and Dalton couldn’t be more proud.

“You can come to Nashville and be intimidated or you can be inspired. I chose to be inspired because of the amazing talent in this city. You can walk 100 yards on Broadway and hear someone who has been doing this their whole life.”

As a songwriter, Dalton strives to first and foremost write the best songs he can, with the people he surrounds himself with. Ultimately he hopes this will lead to a nice catalog and a publishing deal. Shoutout to a few of his favorite songwriters, Josh Hester, Tyler Downs, Lauren Schooley, Charlie Green, and Dakota Newman (Grandaddy’s Gospel) who Black credits with being invaluable help. As a musician, he hopes to continue to grind and improve in all aspects that he can, as a singer, guitar player, etc.

What sets this young man apart? He feels it is the will to improve and to chase his dream. “I know everyone that moves to Nashville has it, they put it all on the line. I take pride in that I won’t take no for an answer.”

During this challenging time of uncertainty in the world with the COV-ID 19 virus, Dalton finds comfort in his faith. When asked how he remains positive Dalton responds “Turning to God. Opening the bible and spending time with him. That’s definitely who I look to in times of crisis.” Though he admits he’s struggling like we all are, his faith has definitely helped to calm his fears as we take this day by day.

You can find out more about Dalton at daltonblack.com and all social media outlets at iamdaltonblack.