Tyler Barham Interview

Montana native Tyler Barham got his start on YouTube in 2007 by uploading covers to songs he loved. Tyler shares that he had planned on putting a few videos up, wanting feedback and unbiased opinions on his music. However, people started taking notice and he started getting more followers. “It turned into this online fan base that I wasn’t expecting” Tyler humbly recalls.

Having country superstars Blake Shelton and Brett Eldredge share his cover videos of Honey Bee and Don’t Ya also helped boost his views. Tyler remembers running into Brett at CRS Radio Seminar and the star mentioning his cover. “That was super crazy” he gushes. It was through social media that John Griffin reached out to him, and they started working together.

In 2008 Barham participated in a YouTube contest that GAC was sponsoring. Making it as a Top 6 finalist, Tyler was flown to Nashville. It was the first time he had ever been and he was hooked! “After the GAC competition I realized I could make a career out of music and I wanted to give Nashville a shot.” Soon after he packed his bags, and has been here ever since. Smart move as Music City has continued to be supportive of this young artist.

Social media has been good to him as well. Tyler likes to try out new Apps because you never know what is going to be the next big thing. And it keeps paying off . Last year he partnered up with T-Mobile who made him a VIP Influencer. Tyler tells us one day he was on Periscope playing songs for fans. Someone at T-Mobile happened to see it and was impressed. They bought him out of his current contract and made Tyler a deal.

Recently Barham released a new EP entitled History. “I’m really proud of this project. I feel like this is some of my best stuff yet” he enthuses. The title track features a duet with YouTube Pop Sensation Megan Davies.

This being the first project Tyler has co-written all of the material on and he’s excited! “I feel like it has a big part of me that I poured into each song.” We’re told that every song has a different feel, something for every mood.

As of right now every song is his favorite. “Once your done recording, your proud of it. But you’ve sung the songs so many times in the studio your just ready to get everybody else’s feedback.” And the reviews are looking great. Fans have shown their love by driving the EP to #7 on the I-Tunes Independent Chart!

This rising artist has already had some pretty awesome highlights in his short career. He lists releasing original music, hitting the charts, and attending the ACM Awards as his favorites. “The ACM’s with T-Mobile was super crazy. There’s always moments like that where it’s almost like I feel like I made it.” he enthuses.

Barham grew up on 90’s country. His influences include Garth Brooks, George Strait, Randy Travis, and Tracy Lawrence. “When I sang along to the radio I tried to sound like all these artists. Eventually I tried to find my own voice.” Tyler admits, wanting to have his own unique style.

Plans for the rest of the summer include touring. He’s headed out West, back home to Montana. Tyler is stoked to try out his new material on his hometown crowd and also looks forward to enjoying time with family.

His dream is to continue making music for the fans. Ultimately his goal is to make a career out of doing what he loves.

We think the future looks bright and wish him the best!