Terra Bella Interview

Country duo Terra Bella just dropped their brand new single Before You and are super stoked for fans to hear it. “It’s one of those sleeping giants. It fell through the cracks and we recently discovered it and fell in love with it all over again” Joe tells us, adding that Martina put her soul in it and really connected with the song.

It’s been a few years since the band released new music and they feel confident that it’s the right song to come back with. In addition to providing vocals, Joe co-produced, mixed, and played instruments on the track. As something he has been doing for other musicians Joe tells us “It’s second nature to me, so being able to do it on our own music was really rewarding and fun”.

Their debut EP saw success on the charts, starting from the first single You’ve Got That Somethin’. The duo had a blast traveling across he country, visiting radio stations, and making new friends that connected with the song. “That showed in the charts and gave us a lot of our hope. It’s a fighting force to keep going, that confidence boost that we’re on the right path.” Joe confides.

The band describe their sound as honest country, with a heavy dose of singer-song writing Americana. The foundation of Terra Bella’s music is country. Joe and Martina grew up artists such as Merle Haggard, Wayland Jennings, and Patsy Cline. Add to that rock influences like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, with lyrics that reflect their real lives.

Music has been a dream of Joe’s since he was nine years old. He started singing, playing, and joining bands. Martina’s career began with singing karaoke when she turned 21. “I wanted to take my career to the next level so I went to Myspace and found this guy that lived the next town over from me. I wanted to ask him how to get into the music business. Before you know it we fell in love and here we are 9 years later” exclaims Martina.

The Before You Tour kicks off November 10th in Oklahoma. The two are so excited to be playing home shows. “We’ve always made California our home base. Bringing new music home everytime to that fanbase is incredible and to perform it live makes it even better” shares Martina. As an added bonus they will get to spend the holiday’s home with family.

What makes them different from other duos? Stylistically the music is more roots based. Joe and Martina started singing together when the two were dating. Now they have been married 5 years. They feel that the trust and connection comes across in their music.

“We’re a true unit. We wouldn’t survive without each other. We’re stronger together.” admits Joe. The conversation turns to country radio, and how there isn’t a lot of duos on the air.. “Right now people have Trisha and Garth or Tim and Faith. Top of the line talent, but they are individual artists that came together. It’s a little bit different. People are going to grasp a married duo because people love love” says Martina. “It’s definitely time for people to start accepting duos with open arms” adds Joe.

The two decided to move to Nashville after encouragement from friends in radio. After going to lunch and asking various industry folk how to take their career to the next level one thing was consistent. They were told to start taking business trips to Nashville. Deciding to act upon that advice, the duo did just that. And it snowballed from there.

“We always knew we wanted Nashville. First and foremost we’re the biggest country music fans. You think of the Ryman and Tootsies and the history and that’s where we derive our sound from” Martina tells us. Having been here now for almost a decade Nashville has become like home. And the two couldn’t be more excited about the future!

The band plans on releasing new music next year. They are determined to put out the best songs they can, music that means something to them. “We want to be as authentic and true to who we are as people in our music. That is our main goal.” Joe shares. The two tell us recording will be a family event, done in their home studio, using their live band.

When asked what fans can expect we’re told “It sounds like nothing we’ve ever done and it sounds like nothing nobody has ever done. I can’t wait for people to hear it.”