Sandra Lynn Interview

Sandra Lynn started singing when she was just seven years old. Growing up in Chino, California, a simple town full of dairy fields and horses she was exposed to many different genres of music. Country has always been her favorite. Her idols include Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill, and the Dixie Chicks. Sandra also loved the singer-songwriter style of music including favorites Michelle Branch and Jewel. She started writing poetry in high school, but it wasn’t until after college that she started to put music with her lyrics.

In 2010 Sandra Lynn made her first trip to Nashville. Taking a great liking to the town and it’s scene, she began to do a lot more writing. And it paid off. A few years down the road she was in the studio with Jay DeMarcus (Rascal Flatts) recording her debut album. The first two singles After Party & Bar Hoppin made it onto Sirius XM Radio.
After a tour of the Midwest, Sandra was eager to release new music and dove into writing material for her second album. ” I really wanted to speak to women on this new record, and what we talk about behind closed doors” she says.

This rising songwriter describes her sound as Contemporary Country with a subtle West Coast vibe. You may have heard her new single Hey California on rotation at Radio Disney Country, iHeart Radio, or Sirius XM. It’s a playful track, great for cruising down the road with your top down. As a child the first records she heard were the Beach Boys, and she would play them over and over. With the single Sandra wanted to incorporate that Endless Summer album feel along with her Southern Cali roots.

As a songwriter and a human being Sandra tells us she always finds herself drawn to the hopeful thread. “Whether I’m crying through a song or dancing, at the end I feel a little bit better.” She says that’s the goal of her music, to make people feel better. “With this new album I really found the focus with the people I’ve been listening to. Some of the more fun, playful songs can speak to young women. But there are some tunes I hope that can connect with women that lived a little bit of life” she confides.

Over the course of her career Sandra has had the honor of working with many talented songwriters, artists, and producers. “Every time I go in the studio with someone new I’m learning something new. I’m always growing.” She shares that her last producer Ben took the extra time to pull something out of her vocally on this new record, which resulted in a different sound from her. She adds that everyone has been open to listening to her vision and working with her on it.

One of her proudest moments was the first time she heard herself on the radio. “That has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.” She proudly tells us the story. It was the day before Thanksgiving. Sandra was at home with family. Her mom was downstairs prepping for the big meal. All of a sudden Sandra heard a scream. Thinking something had happened, she came running. Nothing wrong, she found her mom in the kitchen with the radio blasted jumping up and down. Her song After Party was playing. “It was a really cool experience to share with my family. Totally surreal.”

That dream recently came true again, when she heard Hey California on the air. “I was driving in California actually, listening to the radio. I pulled over to the side and was snap chatting. I can’t even. It’s amazing” Lynn enthuses.

Another highlight was opening for Kenny Rogers. “It’s kind of like having a master class on the side of the stage” she notes. She loved getting the chance to perform for his fans and to watch the legend in action. “He’s still going at it in his 70s and he’s as amazing as ever.” She gushes about how sweet he was, stopping to introduce himself and take a picture with her.

Sandra Lynn just finished shooting the music video for Hey California, and she couldn’t be more excited. “I feel like you get this mini view into Southern Californa from the video” she observes, and we definitely agree. The video features shots from famous landmarks such as Griffith Observatory, LACMA Museum, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Malibu.

The other day Sandra got the chance to donate her time performing for kids at Vanderbildt Children’s Hospital. “I want to do that everyday. That was the first time I’ve ever gotten to go and perform at a hospital and it was incredible.” she exclaims. While there she visited Ryan Seacrest’s studio for an interview. The patients even got in on some of the questions. “It’s awesome to see their faces light up.” Sandra gushes.

You can catch her out on the road this summer across the Midwest and California. Keep your eyes peeled for more on this upcoming new singer-songwriter!