Kelcy Hyde Interview

Meet Kelcy Hyde, an aspiring young country artist from Las Vegas. She was 16 and had just graduated from high school. Having thought about moving to Nashville her whole life she decided to take that next step towards her dreams. “Bye Nevada, gotta go. You can’t do what you gotta do in country music in Vegas.” Kelcy recalls. She’s loving Nashville, the people, the scenery, the music. While it’s grown tremendously in the past few years she notes that it still has that small town feel.

Kelcy Hyde just released a brand new song “Come Hell or Highwater”. She shares “I really wanted to write a song about the struggle of life and how love is kind of messed up because of it. ” The song is about loving your significant other through whatever comes your way.

Right now she’s currently working on her second album to be released sometime this year. Hyde describes her music as a mix of country and rock. She’d liken it to Carrie Underwood’s harder rock stuff mixed with Teri Clark’s sound. While the first album had more of a rock feel, Kelcy is aiming to peel it back a layer with this one.

She’s looking forward to attending CMA Fest. A regular performer at Second Fiddle, Kelcy is hopeful to be playing there. In any case she tells us “I’ll definitely be out and about.”

When asked what sets her apart from other artists Hyde shares “I don’t really sing about things other people sing about. I don’t really dress the way other female artists dress.” Dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt, fresh faced for this interview proves that point. Kelcy is a big believer in staying true to herself and we applaud that.

Music has always been a huge part of this girls life. When she was four years old you could find her singing along to mom’s Celine Dion tapes. “Then I found out George Strait was a thing.” Kelcy confides, saying that ever since she was hooked. Her first live performance was at church when she was six. From there it was talent shows, local fairs and rodeos.

At fifteen she wrote her first song “Hard to be a Girl” about her cowboy dad, who didn’t want her to date. Back then she didn’t understand why, but she admits she does now. Kelcy still sings it 8 years later at her live shows.

Hyde’s proudest moment happened last year when she released her first album. “Taking songs that you wrote and putting it on an album and being able to release it yourself and pay for it yourself is really fulfilling.” Kelcy proudly shares.

Like many other upcoming artists she has a day job bartending, which pays the bills and allows her to keep pursuing her dreams. When asked about those dreams she confesses “A record deal would be wonderful. Touring would be a dream come true. But when it comes down to it if I can support myself. I’ll be happy.”

Plans are to record and tour as much as possible, push the new material. Miss Hyde is really excited about letting everyone hear the new stuff.