Kaylee Rutland Interview

Kaylee Rutland just released her new EP “That Side Of Me” on October 9. She is super excited for fans to hear the new music because this project is so close to her heart. The songs show us glimpses of her life over the past few years. Rutland is hoping that by being so vulnerable and opening up with her music that people will be able to find something in the songs that they can relate to.

She describes her music as Contemporary Country with traditional country elements thrown in. Kaylee is a big fan of the underlying storytelling that’s been the key point of the country music genre, and loves adding classic country touches like a banjo or steel guitar.

A recent honor was being featured as one of Billboard’s Top 10 Artists To Watch. Someone emailed her a link and wanting to check out some new artists Kaylee started reading. ” I was almost through it and saw my name on the list and screamed. I couldn’t believe it. It’s crazy.” Other artists such as Lucy Hale and Dan & Shay were also mentioned. “I did a double take when I saw my name on the list of people I listen to as a fan.”

Here is a song by song play from Kaylee herself. We believe it will inspire you to check out the album.

Pick Me Up – This cut was the first single. Kaylee describes it as a celebratory, it’s finally the weekend song.

More of That – This one is about that moment when you realize that your more than just friends with someone. It’s a mid-tempo, story song.

Trick Candle – Currently Kaylee’s favorite track, written about a bad relationship a friend went through. It’s the kind of relationship where you think that you are finally getting over the other person and yet they keep popping up in your life.

Crushing On You – Very personal song about realizing that your feelings for someone are stronger than you initially thought they were. You are sitting on the fence between a crush and falling in love with someone.

That Side of Me – The current single, this track is happy and upbeat. It’s about people we only come across a few times in our lives who show us a different view of ourselves and the world around us.

Rumor Has It – This is a cover originally done by Adele. Kaylee tells us they countrified it and made it their own. It quickly became her favorite song to play live, and she is super stoked about it making the EP.

Kaylee couldn’t be more proud of the finished project and the honesty of it. “Whether it’s a happy song or a song about a hard time it’s very real. A lot of times we go through the different feelings in just one relationship.”

Rutland confides that songwriting is very therapeutic, and is the only thing that has enables her to get her emotions out there. “There’s nothing like getting out of classes or a meeting where I’m feeling so much and being able to grab my guitar when I get home and getting it out.”

She is impressed by independent artists that are doing it on their own, full time without a safety net of a reliable salary. “There’s a lot of people that look down on you if you’re not doing the practical thing, but if being an artist is what you want to do than having that be your full time job is the practical thing.”

Currently a Music Business student at Belmont, Kaylee is stoked to graduate next month. “College has been invaluable. I’ve learned stuff in the industry that I’ve been working on as an artist this whole time. Even though mentally and emotionally I’ve dedicated myself to music it will be nice to dedicate my days full time to music.”

Right now Kaylee’s immediate focus is on finishing college. She is also building upon the release of the new EP, and planning to release a music video soon. Next year plans include touring and as always writing new music.

What is she most looking forward to? “Just to wake up in the morning and on my to do list today is stuff I really look forward to doing like writing or even going to a business meeting when it’s about music. It’s my job but it’s like the best job in the world.”