Julia Capagrossi Interview

Julia Capogrossi hails from Stanford Connecticut. Originally studying to be a Psych Major she soon discovered that wasn’t the right path for her. Singing was her dream and Julia knew her next step was to move to Nashville to follow her passion.

Her brand new single “Busch Light Budget” hit iTunes Friday, and is perfect for jamming along to with your friends this summer! The song is about making the most out of what you have. Julia recalls not being able to afford certain things. “We don’t have enough money for fancy drinks but we can get Busch light and have a good time. It’s not about showing off. It’s about being with each other and living.” she tells us.

We are glad to have Julia be part of our first Story & A Song writers night at the Country with Brickshore Media!

As a young child she idolized Britney Spears, and would sing and dance along to her music in her bedroom. From there she started taking ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop dance lessons. Her outlet came in musical theater. Julia recalls first wanting to be a popstar, but quickly decided on country music, the music she grew up on and speaks the most to her.

She has a positive outlook on life and finds that writing songs is a silver lining. “I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason. You can find even the slightest silver lining through everything.” A bad relationship for example, can make for great material to a songwriter.

Musical influences include Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Fleetwood Mac, Britney Spears, and Bruce Springsteen. “Britney Spears is always sweet to everyone and a great dancer. Bruce Springsteen is crazy onstage. He totally lets loose but when you hear him in interviews he’s totally laid back.” Julia tells us she takes something from each of these artists, and incorporates it into her music.

When asked what her dream is this young artist is shooting for the sky. “Ultimately win a CMA Award. When I’m 70 or 80 I want to be in the Hall of Fame.” Realistically she confesses that she’d be happy right now just making a living doing what she loves and being able to support herself.

Julia loves to interact with her fans. She believes in taking the time to follow back and establish a more intimate connection. She’s planning a radio tour to promote the new single (which hits country radio next month), and wants to encourage fans to let her know if they want her in their town!

Capogrossi is completely stoked for CMA Fest as this year will be her first! “I am super excited for the opportunity. We worked hard to get me in a booth so I’m excited to meet my fans.” She’s also looking forward to taking in a few nightly shows at Nissan Stadium and is hoping Carrie Underwood will make a surprise appearance.