Jessie Chris Interview

Country artist Jessie Chris is all about leaving a good imprint on the world with her music. She is proud to be part of Sylvana’s Be The Light campaign, where the mission is spreading random acts of kindness.”That’s a really personal topic for me. I grew up getting teased a lot because I’m from Massachusetts and I sing country music.” Jessie confides. So for her getting the opportunity to spread the message of kindness and compassion is especially important and close to her heart.

She also is involved in the Music In Our Schools charity with Disney, which raises money to bring music programs into schools. “Music was everything to me in school. That was what got me through the school day.” the songstress shares. Unable to fathom kids not having that creative outlet, she is happy to do whatever she can to contribute. As if those two charities don’t keep her busy enough Jessie Chris also donates time to Music Drives Us, raising money to get instruments for veterans and Musicians On Call, visiting hospitals and singing for patients.

She just released her brand new single Burn and is stoked for everyone to hear it. The accompanying music video is not what people might expect. Instead of her throwing all of the ex boyfriends stuff into a fire, they came up with the concept where she leaves the items in a box by the fire. In the end the guy shows up there with another girl, who sees the items and ditches him, giving the song some girl power.

Her debut album Wildfire came out a few years ago and she’s still getting great feedback. Jessie loves that people can hear where her musical journey started, but is looking forward to putting out new material later this year. She has matured a lot these past few years and it shows in her songwriting and her vocals.

Jessie Chris had a huge career moment recently when she made her national TV debut on the Today show. “That was terrifying, but it was super cool.” she comments, adding a story from her childhood. She grew up four hours from NYC, and would often go there to visit. One day she tells us that her mom took her and a friend to the Today Show. She remembers standing outside freezing cold and waving, hoping a camera would catch them, so they could be on the big screen. So you can imagine it was a dream come true for her to be inside, in the spotlight performing. Not only did Jessie get to sing but she was named the Artist of the Month by Elvis Duran. rabbit ivermectin revolution “It was really surreal to be their first country artist of the month. ivermectin pneumonia ” she says of the special honor.

This rising artist has seen a lot of success with Radio Disney, and couldn’t be more excited. Jessie shares that growing up she worshiped the station. “I never believed when I’d get older I’d be played on Radio Disney and get to walk in the studio whenever I’m in LA. It’s really cool for them to support my music” she gushes.

Her very first gig in Nashville came just four days after she had graduated from high school. It was the 2015 CMA Music Festival, and while it was scary it meant a lot to her. This year she had the privilege of playing on the Radio Disney Country stage. It felt like home because they are like family to her. She also had a booth this year, where she enjoyed signing autographs and making new fans and friends.

Jessie credits her guitar teacher as the starting point of her career in more ways then one. She got her first guitar at ten years old, and signed up for lessons. While she knew she wanted to be an entertainer she had no idea what kind of music she wanted to play. comprare ivectin Her guitar teacher gave her homework to listen to and learn songs by Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and Keith Urban. It was then Jessie became hooked on country music, and found her sound.

Performing on the Today show was one of Jessie’s most proud moments in her career. Another is opening for one of her musical idols, Keith Urban. “I got to tell him the homework story with my guitar teacher and he thought that was really cool. ” she notes, adding that he was super genuine and nice.

Plans for the rest of the summer include a radio tour, writing, and recording new music. Stay on the lookout for more on this upcoming artist, we’re sure you’ll seeing her name around!