Jason Benoit Interview

Brand new album Waves came out last month. The single Moonshine, he wrote about anybody in a small town enjoying the drink on a weekend.

He wrote all of the songs on the album. Believes it shows his personality and his style of country music. Newer Contemporary Country sound with some older country elements in the writing.

Grew up listening to old country (George Jones, Johnny Cash). Learned to play guitar at age 14. I was listening to a lot of what my brothers were listening to. Youngest of 3. Garth Boroks Brooks and Dunn Alan Jackson mid 90s. Keith Whitley.

His manager discovered him on Facebook. He was posting original songs and videos. Saw it through a mutal connection. His cousin was sharing his music. “He had a chance to help me out. We started recording a few demos and released my new single.”

Rock the Park kelsea lady a. “That was amazing.” Thousands of people. “It was quite the experience for me performing alongside those guys. The fans really came out that day.” From Canada. “A lot of people singing along. Incredible experience.

“That was a really cool experience for me.” Performing at the Country with Jessie Chris.

Hopes to accomplish He’s working with D&D Endeavors in the US. Hoping to get down to Nashville a lot more often and do some writing. “Start trying to make a name for himself in the home of country music in nashville”

A couple shows in August in Ontario. Taking the family on vacation to prince edward island.

Proudest moment “There’s a lot of really cool moments but to be able to do that showcase in nashville at the country with my full band that was up there. that’s something everybody wants to be able to do. go to nashville showcase their music. be in the right place with the right people and have that shot.” It was a great experience for him regardless what coems out of that. Jsut to be able to say he did it.

Grew up in a small town, so to go down to Nashville and be able to sing at a great bar for labels was awesome.

Like everyone he’d love to play the Opry and WSM. Top of the list. “For any country singer that’s the top of the list. That’s the granddaddy of them all.”

Considering making his way down here more often. If not move right away in the future. Make a lot of treks down here.

“I’m really just getting going as a country artist, trying to make a name up there.” Still writing, touring, next show, next album. Looking to meet people and get emerged in the new culture. “always a challenge always something yo’uve got to keep working on.”