Indigo Summer Interview

Indigo Summer just released their self-titled debut EP and couldn’t be more happy with the finished project! “I know every single song we are really proud of and are so excited to let everyone hear it finally” gushes Hope.

The duo gets their inspiration from everywhere. “We were solo artists for a long time. We wrote all of our solo stuff. As a songwriter your always thinking about song titles and ideas.” This EP is a long time coming as Bryan and Hope have been writing together for the past three years, searching for the right material. They both believe that every song counts, wanting to make sure that every one relates to the group and that they are growing.

The two tell us that the current single Wants What It Wants is at the top of their favorites.”Wants What It Wants is a powerful song. I know I’ve felt that way in my life before” shares Bryan.

While many duos these days are married or in a relationship these two are just friends. Bryan is happily married and Hope is engaged. They like the friendship dynamic because it opens up the ability to sing any kind of song.

How does being in a duo compare to being a solo artist? Hope shares “It’s definitely more fun onstage because you have someone to play off of and someone to back you up. Also, having someone that writes so well together and being able to perform them together as a duo is a fun thing. ”

Bryan adds “There’s a dynamic between Hope and I that is really natural and works. It starts with writing. The skill set, she’s good at things I’m not great at and I’m good at things she’s not great at. We compliment each other well. It’s fun, it makes you feel like you’re part of something that could be really big and really great.”

Plans for the rest of the year revolve around continuing to promote the album. They want to shoot another music video soon, and are already working on new music to release next year! The duo admits they don’t play out a lot, but enjoy taking part in the occasional writer’s night. Bryan and Hope love to connect with their fans online through social media and believe that is especially effective for their fanbase.