Camille Rae Interview

Like many artists Camille Rae has been singing since she was little. She has been in Nashville for 4 years and on the scene for two of those years. Rae classifies herself as a Country/Pop/Independent Artist whom is trying to do as much as possible.

Her new single I Need Me was just released and Rae couldn’t be more proud! It’s currently charting in the Top 40 on Independent Radio and climbing. “Being in the Top 40 opens a lot of doors. We’re excited to see what comes from that.” Camille enthuses.

She tells us that the song is her baby, one she’s been working on since before moving to Nashville. Having just wrapped up shooting a music video for the single, she recalls needing to break down and show emotion on camera. It was hard because she’d already gotten over the experience, but Camille recalls the take that it all came together. “The last scene I’m laying on the floor and I finally cried, ugly cry.” While vulnerable about being displayed in that light she believes it’s for the good and fans will be able to relate.

Her sophomore album Come Find Me has been out for a few months and is doing well. “It was intentionally supposed to be a seven song EP but it kept growing.” Camille adds that her manager Amber realized all of the songs followed a storyline so they decided to make it into a story concept album. There has been positive feedback that all the songs are relatable which is Camille’s main goal.

The album regales the story of a past relationship. “It’s the story of heartbreak, the story of hopefulness. Everyone, male or female has had these feelings of heartbreak. It triggers those feelings.” she says to describe the material. At the time of recording Camille was still working through the obstacles. She confesses that it was hard to go into the studio and put her heart out there while everything was still raw. But it paid off. The genuine emotion shows on the record and gives it authenticity.

Rae has always loved music and teaching. “I remember as a little girl clearing the couch of all the cushions and plastic chairs. I put all my dolls and animals on the couch and taught them.” She went to college and graduated with a Music Education Degree, which she used to teach high school choir. Camille strongly believes that it’s helped her music career as well. “It helps with the technical aspect and being able to chart and put my two cents in.” While a lot of people are naturally talented and have great songs, they don’t always know how to express themselves. Having that knowledge gives you more legitimacy and credibility.

Ever since graduating from college, Rae knew she wanted to move to Nashville. She had made plans a handful of times, but life took another turn. Camille recalls being in Victoria, British Columbia Canada doing musical theater and playing solo shows. People kept asking her why she wasn’t in Nashville, and encouraging her to take that next step. She realized it was now or never and took the plunge.

Upon arriving in Music City Camille was intimidated. There were so many talented singer songwriters everywhere. However, she didn’t let anything stop her from pursuing her dreams. She gives this piece of advice to aspiring artists “Remember there is a reason why you’re here. You do have credibility. Don’t settle.” In that she is a firm believer in standing ground and staying true to your vision.

One thing Camille loves to do as an artist is to give back by getting involved with various charities. As part of Musicians On Call she has the pleasure of visiting hospitals once a month and singing to patients. A big supporter of March of Dimes, she shares that she’ll be getting a lot more active with them. This particular cause hits home with her because of a friends daughter, Madelyn whom was born at 24 weeks. Ahead of schedule in development Madelyn is a fighter. Camille was honored to walk for her this past March. During the craziness of CMA Fest she actually drove 16 hours to Fort Smith Arkansas for a “Cops on Bulls” charity event and back to Nashville to take part in the festival. This upcoming artist had a blast at CMA Fest performing at the Music City Stage and as part of Rock Bottom Brewery’s “Women Of Country Showcase”.

Camille recalls that it was her aunt that got her started in music. Camille would ride in the car and listen to her practicing. One day when she was only three years old her aunt asked her to sing with her at church, and she loved it. Not long after this aspiring artist remembers being in a purple frilly dress, performing Somewhere Out There from the movie Fievel Goes West solo. Growing up she was exposed to Country/Southern Gospel/Contemporary Christian music. She confides that she even did beauty pageants to be in the talent show. At age twelve Camille Rae started writing and playing guitar.

Camille’s had a lot to be proud of these past few months especially. “This past album, releasing it and showcasing it was a real proud moment. It was a very big validation moment.” she shares. Other big accomplishments are the radio airplay, and the music video. “It’s those things that you can look at a chart or go back to a video and see it actually happened. It’s tangible. Your hard work is starting to visibly pay off.” Camille notes. She knows that that her team works super hard, but doesn’t see all of the emails and plans being made, so she gets super stoked when she hears any news.

When asked what her dream is Camille says “I want to be legendary. I want to be the next Reba McEntyre status.” More realistically she continues that she would love to be able to pay the bills and maybe go to the beach every now and then.

“It’s not about the money or the fame. It’s about my music reaching people. I always try to write about the most vulnerable things about myself.” Camille tells us adding
“I think it’s my responsibility as an artist to be as transparent and real as possible. Maybe it will help people along the way. I think music is my best chance at helping others.”