Ana Cristina Cash Interview

Ana Cristina discovered her love of music as a young child while singing along with movies. Annie was one of her favorites. “I would try to match the notes.” Ana shares adding that her Grandma heard her and convinced her mom that Ana had something special.

When she was just six years old, Cristina started performing on the variety show “Sabado Gigante”, becoming an accomplished champion of their singing contests. She remembers having so much fun singing with the ensembles in Spanish. It was there that Ana began to develop professionalism, watching and learning from all of the adults on the show. In addition to performing on TV she sang in choir and at church. “I went to Catholic school so they would have me sing at weddings and funerals.” Cash recalls. Music was all around her.

Her first big opportunity knocked when Cristina was signed to the Latin Division of Sony Records at the age of 16. At the time Cristina’s big sister had just gotten a new job and was in the car with a coworker. Big sis had been listening to a tape of Cristina’s and was asked who was singing. Her coworker was so impressed with Cristina’s voice that she offered to send the tape to someone she knew working at Sony. Soon after Cristina received a call to come in for a meeting, and the rest is history.

“I thought maybe I’d get a job as a background vocalist and I was offered a record deal.” Cash was thrilled. “I really grew a lot as an artist there. I got in the studio professionally, started developing songwriting, piano, and guitar.” She released her first album Ana Cristina in Spanish, and her love of music only grew stronger from there.

Cash’s newest project “The Tough Love EP” was released in March and she couldn’t be more proud of the material. She describes her music as a fusion of Americana, Country-Pop, Blues and Soul. The EP is all about Empowerment and Self-love, subjects that are close to Cristina’s heart.

Music is in husband John Carter Cash’s blood, growing up as the son of a country music legend. He produced the EP and co-wrote songs such as “Move Along Baby”. Cristina describes the track as a rockabilly old school throwback about not taking crap in a relationship.

The EP also includes her take on the John Anderson song “Seminole Wind”. Raised in Miami Florida the tribe was close to her home. Cristina has recently discovered she has a bit of Native American blood in her, but says “The story of the Native American Tribe has always moved me”.

But her favorite cut I’m told is “Southern Roots” which she dubs a Gothic murder ballad. Quite intriguing and unique, the song is about a woman who is being abused and takes matters into her own hands.

What is the best part about songwriting? Sharing what’s going on in her mind. Cristina confesses it’s very therapuetic to get her feelings out there, and hopes her music is able to touch and help others going through similar situations.

Cash’s musical influences are all over the map. She lists Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Gloria Estefan (who was her first concert), and Country Music icons Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette. Cash also loves Blues and Jazz. “I have a very eclectic taste of music.” Cristina admits, which enables her to bring a little bit of everything to her sound.

Ana Cristina has had some pretty cool moments in her career over the years, but three top the list. In 2005 Cash was the was the first Hispanic to sing the National Anthem at the Presidential Inauguration, and got invited back the following year to sing at the White House to sing for the President. Pretty exciting. She also loved singing the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden. Though she’d sung the song plenty of times before at other arenas this one holds a special place because of the venue and the crowd being so supportive.

What’s on the agenda for the summer? “The goal is to get the EP out there as much as possible, let people hear the music.” She’s taking things a bit slower for her health, but feels with technology she can still reach a lot of people. Cristina hopes to have the full album out sometime in the next few months.

And what better place to do that then Music City. “Nashville’s the greatest music community in the world.” Cash gushes that she feels totally at home here and loves all of the great opportunities and support this place offers.

Congratulations to Ana Cristina and John Carter Cash who are expecting a baby girl due in the fall. The family is busy getting the nursery ready and everything prepared for the little one’s arrival.