The Rocket Summer 10th Anniversary Tour (7/29/17)

The Rocket Summer celebrated the 10 Year Anniversary of Do You Feel with a tour, and I had the pleasure of catching his show in Nashville. It blows my mind to see a performer with the stamina to deliver such an energetic infused show, especially without taking a single break in a two hour set. Yes, you heard right. From the first notes of Break It Out Bryce Avary rocked out with fans for two hours straight, giving everything he had to that stage. And you could tell he was loving every minute of it.

As a special treat for this tour Avary played (for the first time) the Do You Feel EP in its entirety, much to the delight of the audience. Rocket Summer fanatics are a devoted bunch. Not only do they know every word and at times drown out Bryce. But you can see that the words have special meaning, and they connect with the songs. I believe it’s the spiritual element in the lyrics that have the power to reach deeper inside a person. And this is one artist who is all about connecting with his fans.

“Sometimes I hate this separation barrier between the stage and you. It’s all about community.” Bryce says before asking the audience to make a circle so he could join them on the floor for a song. At another point Bryce decided to trust fans to catch him as he fell backwards onto hands that delivered him across the floor and back up onto the stage.

In addition to Do You Feel, The Rocket Summer performed favorites from all of his other albums, and his brand new single Gone Too Long. One highlight was the vocal loop. This is the only artist I have ever seen do that, and it adds a special touch to the songs when you see how all the instruments, including vocals tie in together.

Just when you thought the show was over Bryce appears back on the stage for an encore of song clips, asking fans to call out requests. Walls and Brat Pack are the crowd winners tonight. He closes the show with one last high energy performance, Revival.

“Thank you Nashville. What a night. Let’s do this again next year.” Bryce exclaims, asking fans if they’d be willing to come back. The answer, a resounding cheer, this reporter included.