Levi Hummon Interview

Country Artist Levi Hummon is currently on the road with his “Drop Of Us” Tour. We had the chance to chat with him during some rare down time and get the scoop on how things are going.

“It’s been unreal. I have been opening up for people for about five years, and it’s a totally different ball game” Levi says of his first few weeks on the road solo. Hummon recently played a sold out hometown show in Nashville, which he admits to being especially nervous about, playing in front of family and friends. Besides Nashville one of his favorite towns to play is Chicago, because he always has a great time there. Favorite part of the tour so far has been Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was Levi’s first hard ticketed show in that city and there was so much energy in the room. Everyone knew all the words, even the unreleased songs. “I stopped in the middle of the set and said I’ve never experienced my own music like this. It’s just magical. When you hear your songs being suang like that by people that love your music. It changes their life and it changes my life.”

Songwriting is special to this artist, who likes to connect with fans. “Rockin’ Roses” is a song Hummon just wrote and is his current favorite. The idea came from looking at his phone and the emoji’s on it, and has become a hit with fans already.

Hunter Hayes “Closer to You” Tour was Levi’s first legitimate full time tour and really helped to pave the way. Part of the “Drop Of Us” Tour is being able to revisit some of those cities and see how fans relate to the music. Hummon says Hunter’s fanbase was a perfect fit, adding that the show in Grand Rapids was a good example of how receptive the crowd was to his music.

Hummon says he learned a lot from Hayes. “He’s a ball of energy onstage. I knew that I couldn’t be a stagnant performer, I had to be engaging. I was trying to cultivate a sound that was uptempo and fun. That’s what defined that tour for me, that sonic sound for my set. Just listening to Hunter and learning from him and trying to keep up.”

While Hunter Hayes taught him about performing another artist, Michael Ray taught him about the fans. Ray’s “Think A Little Less” Tour a few years back was Levi’s first time opening up consistently for someone on the road and he picked up a lot from Michael. “He’s genuinely an amazing dude. After every show he’d sit me down in the meet and greet with him and we’d meet everybody. He would let me sit there with him and shake fans hands, be a part of the experience with him, and show me the ropes.”

Performing on the Grand Ole Opry is a huge honor for anyone and this guy is no exception. Even though he’s performed in the infamous circle 19 times he still gets nervous every time. Next time he plans on celebrating with a cake.

Levi just released a new single “State I’m In”, written about being on the road and missing someone back home. He’s thankful for this special song. While written for him about his journey on the road, he’s had fans come up to him with family in the military, or a husband away from home, saying how the song really resonated with them.

In just a few short years Levi Hummon has already come a long way, and the sky is the limit. “I have super high goals because I like to put a positive spin on everything” Levi confesses. Current goals include selling out a stadium, continuing to write amazing songs for himself and other artists, and being inducted into the Hall of Fame, following in dads footsteps. Levi’s dad just got inducted into the National Songwriters Hall of Fame. “The crazy part to me was I got to perform for him “God Bless The Broken Road” in his honor.

So what’s next for this star on the rise? His “Drop Of Us” Tour still has a few weeks left. After that, Levi says there will be new music, possibly releasing “Rockin Roses”. As for 2020 the plan is more touring. Keep your eyes peeled for more as we feel this is just the beginning for this young man.