Wild Blue Album Review – Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes recently released Wild Blue, Pt. 1, his first album in four years. Stemming from a break-up Wild Blue, Pt. 1 is one of those rare albums that take you on a journey from the first song to the last. It’s an introduction to the artist, as he bares his soul, opening up about the last few years of his life. He shares his struggles with heartbreak, with faith, and with letting go.

In the first track “Madness”, Hayes begins broadcasting his pain to the world, and the song is full of raw emotion. Lyrics like “The  silence, it sounds like a clock counting down and it’s deafening. My heart’s like a war zone, landmines everywhere. Careful  where you step, you could hurt someone” scream for attention.

In “Loving You”, Hayes opens up further about his break-up with former girlfriend. “I can’t sleep, it’s like I’m trying to breathe underwater. Recovery is taking me so much longer. It’s like the drunkest form of sober, door slam kind of closure”, he sings. ivermectin toxic for humans

My personal favorite track is “Dear God”, a song that shows a struggle with faith. What I like about this song is that it starts out with the question of “Am I enough?” and ends with the peace only God can give.

“Still” is the most uplifting song on the album, showing that Hunter is beginning to see beyond the pain and realize he has more left to give. More love, more songs, more life.

I feel this lyric describes the album quite well. “Heart, find rest. Don’t feel the need to beat yourself to death. Oh love with every breath. Don’t let the pain paint over all the good that’s left. The breaking only shapes the lessons learned. Oh, and the fire you hide inside was born to burn.”

And burn it will continue to do. After exploding onto the scene in his late teens, this country music artist has taken the past few years to step out of the spotlight and figure out who he is. It’s great to see him releasing music again, while breaking free of expectations that other people put on him and finding his own way.

Unlike his previous albums, Hayes is clearly experimenting, trying to find his own sound. While this album isn’t exactly country, it’s not pop either. There are even a few R&B elements mixed in. It was recorded in his home studio, with Hunter producing and playing multiple instruments. Wild Blue, Pt. 1 is the first of three concept albums. Hunter Hayes is back and he has a lot more to say. ivermectin paste for goat lice Welcome to the Wild Blue! We give this album 5 stars as it shows tremendous growth in Hayes as an artist. And that is why you should check it out.