Jet Jurgensmeyer Interview

We sat down with actor/musician Jet Jurgensmeyer to get his story. You may know him as Boyd Baxter on Last Man Standing. He just started filming his second season (the show’s 8th). Look for it Thursdays starting in January on Fox. He’s also in the newly released movie Five Mile Cave and the Disney Jr. show T.O.T.S. Currently Jet is on a mini music tour promoting his album.

Talking with Jet, this teen struck me as very articulate, and down to earth. At fourteen years old, he stays grounded by having a strong family base. “They are always there for me whether its a school question, an audition, or a question on a song. can scabies become resistant to ivermectin ” Being able to go home and see his grandparents, work on the farm, and to be a real kid helps as well. Family is a big part of his life. Nashville born, he balances his time between there (usually Summer) and California (usually winter).

When I mention hearing from a co-worker that he used to perform at the Nashville Palace, Jet can’t believe someone remembered that. His parents owned the restaurant and that’s where he got his start. When he was just three years old he’d join the Mandrell Sisters onstage and perform. “I would always say Larry I want to get on the stage. ivermectin dosage for canines They’d bring me up. I’d have my little guitar. I’d tell jokes. I got to make people smile. That’s my thing.” He credits the Mandrells for getting him into acting as well, saying he wouldn’t be here without them.

Jet can’t say enough good things about Last Man Standing, and how much fun he’s having. He can’t choose a favorite episode, because he’s enjoyed them all. “I get to have fun and make people laugh.” He’s very supportive of the show, and goes to all the TV tapings, even when his character has no lines that week.

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a TV actor is? For Jet his call time is 8:30 on Last Man Standing. This means leaving the house at seven to battle traffic. They arrive about 8 and he has just enough time to eat some breakfast and say hello to cast and crew. Then it’s time for school. He says rehearsal day is the easiest. On Wednesday’s they get the new script and do a table read, Thursday’s rehearsal, Friday’s a run through for network. They get the weekend off. Back again on Monday for a pre-shoot and Tuesday is the live show.

We talked about the first show of season seven, where Boyd gets in trouble over a motorbike. He agrees that was a lot of fun because Boyd was such a prominent role. You know Tim and how he loves to build things. So he secretly builds a motorbike with Boyd at Outdoorsman. Of course, they get caught and in a bit of hot water, but all ends well.

When asked what it’s like working with Tim Allen Jet is full of compliments. “Tim is so much fun. He’s professional and a kid at the same time. He’s like a kindergartner. He likes making noise and messing with people. como tomar ivermectina 6 mg bula He never gets mad at anyone but himself.” He adds that Nancy is always so nice to him, he has to gve her a hug every time he sees her. Jet has learned from everyone, including the crew.”Kristoff I’ve learned a lot from because of the way he can turn on and off his character (Kyle). He’s nothing like his character.”

Not only is Jet an actor but a musician as well. He just released his self titled album. You can stream/download it on all digital platforms. There are also music videos on and Youtube.
The latest single is titled “This Is Your Moment”. He really loved the demo of the song, crediting Wes Hightower for singing background vocals on the entire album. “He’s sung on 130 hits. It’s a true honor to have him on my album.”

“In the music video we really wanted to show how to overcome your fear, overcome the people that try and take you down.” The Riker brothers starred in it and he’s picked up a lot from them, adding that they have the best ideas. “Believe it or not I’m actually the least artistic person in my family, other than acting and music. I can’t draw, I can’t take pictures.” Apparently everyone else in his family is artistic in other manners, and he’d love to get them involved on further projects.

The other night his family went to see a friend perform at Bluebird Cafe (Scott Reeves from Blue County). Scott had warned Jet to have a song ready, and let him perform A Lot More Love. “It was my first time at the Bluebird and I got to perform. It was crazy!” He remembers going up, talking for a minute, and then playing. “It didn’t really hit me until after the fact.” Jet loves how that venue is one of those places that you have to be quiet and listen to the artists. Another venue he really enjoys is FGL House, would love to open for Florida Georgia Line one day.

Jurgensmeyer does a lot with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He held a fundraiser that raised $15,000 for the charity. “I think the work they are doing is so special. Some kids can’t leave the hospital. The one’s that can come down to the studio and meet us face to face, and play games. It’s so much fun.” He adds that Vanderbildt broadcasts to all of the rooms in the hospital so these kids can turn their tv and watch and call in.
At one event in Denver, they tried to hide him until it was time so the kids wouldn’t go nuts. That didn’t work. The minute he walked in they started screaming. “It’s just so fun. The things they do for these kids out of the goodness of their hearts.”

The conversation turns to friends who are currently in the hospital, battling cancer. He made some friends through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. One young girl in California called Mya he enjoyed being on her talk “The Latest News With Mya” live from the hospital.

This young actor has been nominated for a handful of Young Artist Awards which was an honor. Got to walk the red carpet at a few premieres including Legends of the Hidden Temple and Hey Arnold the Jungle Movie.

Like many young boys, Jet is a big sports nerd. He likes the Vikings. Recently he had the opportunity to sing at a Chicago Cubs game. They even gave him a custom jersey with “Jurgensmeyer” on it and a number. How cool is that?

What’s next for Jet? Though his album just dropped he’s already itching to work on more music. He especially wants to write more, as this album only had one track which he co-wrote with Alivia McKenna. He’ll also be acting on Last Man Standing, and T.O.T.S. among others.