Interview: Meet Chris Moreno!

Chris Moreno has a unique story. Unlike many artists who decide to follow their dreams from the beginning, Moreno chose another path.  He had been doing music back home in Massachusetts, but just saw it as a fun hobby.

“It’s funny because I grew up playing music, but I was mostly a guitarist. I went away to college and kind of stopped playing. I never thought I had what it took to make it as a singer, so I never really tried.”

He became a successful salesman, pulling in a nice salary, living a comfortable life. But over time Chris realized that having money and success wasn’t all he had hoped for. Years later he hit a point where he wasn’t happy in his career, so Moreno decided to give his first love of music another shot. For the next few years this singer-songwriter could be found playing gigs all around Boston sometimes five nights a week, in addition to working the day job. The music gig took off and he started doing really well in his hometown. After achieving goal after goal as an artist there, Chris started thinking about the next move.

“I decided the next level for me would be Nashville, so I quit the job I was at for ten years and moved out here.” He has only been in town a few months but already it’s paying off. Since the move Chris has played over 15 states.

“I knew I didn’t want to get in the trap of going somewhere and being like the city is going to make my career for me. I looked at Nashville as it’s going to be a better homebase than Boston and then continue doing exactly what I was doing playing different states and building up.” One of his goals is to play Whiskey Jam here in Nashville.

Becoming an artist later in the game has given Moreno a deeper appreciation for the music. “I think that perspective has made me extremely driven because I know what it’s like to work a job for so long that you don’t love. Now that I am doing what I love I don’t take it for granted at all. I appreciate every little bit of progress.”  The best part? He admits that he feels like he can now be himself 24/7. After feeling stuck for many years in sales, that has to be such a freeing feeling.

Chris grew up on 90s Alternative Rock music,  his biggest musical inspirations being Rob Thomas and Johnny Reznick. He also says he’s influenced by the new country sound, contributing to his hybrid of rock and country music.

“Being in Nashville I’m always blown away by the talent, not only the songwriters but the singers. That’s helped me up my game. I can already feel myself getting better.”

You can check out his brand new music video “It Was You”, filmed back home in Boston right before the move. Back in May Chris released a five song EP which was recorded in Nashville by Jonathan Roy. The song “It Was You” has garnered a lot of attention with over 100,000 streams on Spotify.  Moreno describes the tune as a break up song with an optimistic undertone. When asked if it’s a true story he admits “Truly I’ve never written a song that wasn’t 100% my experience. I feel like I’m such an open book with my songs.”

Currently this singer-songwriter is back on the road, this time for a Northeast tour (NYC, Albany, New England). He’s looking forward to playing shows, getting to see old friends, and making new ones.

What has Chris learned from all of this? “Thinking your going to have a job and money is the aspect and that’s going to make you happy. But I was doing really well and now I’m making a third of what I was and I’m happier.” And we couldn’t be happier for him. Keep your eyes out for more on this talented upcoming singer-songwriter!