Interview: Meet Steel Ivory!

Steel Ivory is a country duo made up of sisters Kayleigh (26) and Kristin (24). The girls are originally from Reynoldsburg, Ohio but have called Nashville their home for the past year. Growing up the sisters were immersed in music from the start. Dad was in a band, which inspired the girls to start singing, playing piano and guitar. As they got older they enrolled in the school choir, and later Performing Arts in high school.

Determined to chase their dreams, the girls planned on moving to Music City. However, the trip would have to wait. Kayleigh had dealt with health issues, a condition called Pancreatitis which caused her to miss a lot of school and multiple surgeries. About four years ago they were able to successfully remove her pancreas completely, enabling Kayleigh to be pain free and live a more adventurous lifestyle.

“That surgery has a 1 to 2 year recovery rate, so it took me a long time to get back to normal after that , but once I did it was like okay let’s plan it, we’re going” says Kayleigh.

Right before the big move the girls really started digging into songwriting and playing wherever they could, taking it to another level while searching for their sound.

“We didn’t really have a set sound. Our songs were so different. They didn’t follow any pattern. Some were emo, some pop, some country.”

The result? A sound the two classify as pop-country/modern country. Or upon further description “If Dixie Chicks and Tori Kelley had a baby. It’s really harmony based.” Those beautiful sisterly harmonies come from a lot of hard work.

Kayleigh and Kristin began their musical journey playing with their dad in wedding receptions. It originally started with Kayleigh, and once Kristin graduated she joined in. From there the girls formed a band with their dad called “Harmony”. They shared lead vocals and played festivals all over.  After awhile it was decided that the sisters should come together, just the two of them. A duo “Steel Ivory” was formed. The name came from the family band.  “It makes sense for us because steel can be the guitar and ivory can be the piano keys” the girls tell us.

They started playing all over bars, restaurants, pizza places, festivals, private parties, anywhere people would have them.

“We got to open up for Tyler Farr and Scotty McCreery” exclaims Kristin.
“We were so hyped about that” adds Kayleigh.
“That was the biggest show we ever played (Scotty). There were 4,000 to 5,000 people” Kristin recalls.

Biggest inspirations include Maddie and Tae, Carrie Underwood, Dan and Shay, and Little Big Town. While we’re told bands that do harmonies are their jam they admit to rocking out to the likes of Thomas Rhett, Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell, and Florida Georgia Line as well. And of course, the girls look up to singer-songwriters including Lori McKenna and Liz Rose.

The duo couldn’t be more excited about their brand new single “Love My Mess”, and we know you’ll love it as well! You can check out the song on all digital platforms.

“It’s about how you hope when you show your full true self to somebody they still love you when they figure out you can be a real mess.” Easily relatable for all of us girls, right?

Current plans include focusing on writing. The sisters hope to release an EP early next year. In an effort to put more content out there faster, they have been releasing videos on their YouTube Channel. 

“It’s a hurry up and wait thing.”

“We write songs way faster than they can be demoed and produced.”

The two say they go through phases in their songwriting from fast songs to ballads, on various subjects. It all depends not only on what the two are going through at the time, but what their co-writes are experiencing as well. It’s admitted that there have been a lot of love songs lately. This is due to the fact that Kayleigh is getting married in December and Kristin recently got married. They credit their supportive significant others for being there for them on their journey.

As with so many other young Music City hopefuls, number one on their bucket list is the play the Grand Ole Opry.

The girls say that though it may seem a bit of a stretch right now, they remain hopeful. Since moving here t duo has gotten a chance to play some cool venues including the Listening Room, that they admit they never thought they would.

One of their main goals right now is a publishing deal.

“We would love to be artists, but we also love to write. We want to get our songs out there and be heard by others, whether it be us or even somebody else, we want to get our own messages out” shares Kayleigh.

“I feel like we’re finally figuring out what we want to say during our songs and hopefully that means something to other people. That’s the main goal” amends Kristin.

Be sure to check out Steel Ivory at and search steelivoryoh on all social media platforms!