CB30 Interview!

We recently had the opportunity to chat with country music’s rising teenage duo CB30. They are super sweet, super adorable, and have catchy songs and harmonies to make the young girls swoon. Get to know them a little better right now!

CB30 is comprised of brothers Christian (17) and Brody (14) who were born and raised right here in Nashville. Growing up around music and guitars (dad and grandpa are musicians), the boys were inspired from a very early age. They started writing songs with their dad and it took off from there.

When asked what made them want to do music we’re told “Seeing my dad do it, seeing Luke (Bryan) do it. Everyone around us does it, people we’re close to. We love writing music. That’s the life we live.”

The brothers have a very special musical mentor that you may have heard of, country superstar Luke Bryan. They credit him for introducing them to some good people, including their current manager.

The boys have known Luke for years. Their dads band “The Lucky Bucks” opened for Luke Bryan at a show in Colarado. The two men developed a friendship over their love of music, fishing, and hunting. The boys have many happy memories of being on his farm. “He found out we sang and was like “What y’all sing how come I didn’t know this sooner?”. He’s one of our biggest supporters.” Christian

Luke has given CB30  some valuable advice, which they shared with us.

“He always says smile and do our thing. Just try to stay positive” says Brody.
“Most of his pointers are given on the boat when we’re fishing or on the tree stand when we’re hunting” confides Christian.

The boys wholeheartedly agree that Luke is super down to earth and supportive of new artists. What you see on American Idol or in his career is who he really is. “He’s stayed humble and down to the ground his whole career. He’s the same person as when he started” they tell us.

Other musical influences include Thomas Rhett, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, and Ariana Grande (the last of whom we’re told Brody has a major crush on).

The brothers recently signed with Buena Vista Records (Universal/Disney) and couldn’t be more excited!
Being in a band with your brother we’re told is cool, but as with all brothers they do admit to the occasional squabble.

“We fight sometimes, but mostly we have a good time” Brody admits.
“We don’t fight music we fight stupid stuff like basketball and Fortnight” Christian adds.

The best part is always having someone there that has your back.
“It’s fun if we go to after parties or award shows you don’t have to be alone. You have a friend in all this” explains Christian.

When invited to sign with Buena Vista, the boys were so excited. “It was unbelievable. We didn’t know what to expect or that it would happen so early. We’re just thankful that people support our music and believe in us” exclaims Christian. He goes on to say “We’re so young and we’re just now getting in concrete the route we want to take.” That has taken both the boys awhile to figure out their direction as long as their label. They have developed superstars Luke Bryan and Lady Antebellum, however those artists don’t have the same target audience so the game plan had to be changed.

CB30 has been working with Radio Disney and are so thankful to them for all the support. “They are all so nice, we love them so much. It’s such a great crew” gushes Brody. The two can’t get over hearing their music on radio stations. The very first time  was when Radio Disney Country played their first single “Marina” and the boys recall flipping out. Sirius XM played their single a few months back and the reaction was the same. “We had people sending us pictures from all over. We were freaking out” regales Christian.

The boys recently had the opportunity to attend the Radio Disney Music Awards, and had the best time! We’re told the show was “super cool and super fun”. They got to meet a lot of new artists including The Yodeling Boy, boy band “In Real Life”, and an artist from the UK. They love meeting other artists their age, as it’s great having people to hang out with that share their interests.

A few weeks ago Christian and Brody took part in their first official CMA Fest as a band. “It was so cool. Some of our friends from school came and our fans. It was a really cool experience to meet our fans in real life” exclaims Brody.

In addition to their performance at the Radio Disney Stage in Fan Fair X the boys did something special for the girls.
“We rented out this flower truck in Nashville “Amelia’s Flower Truck”. We parked it downtown CMA Fest, played some songs and handed out flowers with CB30 all over them. It was sweet.”

Besides performing at the infamous music festival in Nashville, they had the opportunity to check out other artists performances, and especially enjoyed the Nissan Stadium shows.

The two believe that the main thing that sets them apart from other artists is their brotherly harmonies. Also, the fact that they are so young and doing country music.

You can check out CB30’s brand new single “Like It’s a Bad Thing” on all digital streaming platforms. Christian wrote the song with his dad and another songwriter.  He tells us “It’s about a girl and how you don’t need to be perfect. Us guys really don’t care what you look like as long as you have a good personality”. When asked Christian says he can relate to the song, admitting “Obviously I like a pretty girl but if they are causing drama no. I need someone to hang out with for more than just their looks.”

The boys are super stoked to be performing at the Wildhorse Saloon next month, and may be adding a few other shows as well. However, they share that the main focus right now is writing. Christian and Brody are hoping to put out another single within the next few months, and later on an EP. Good news for fans wanting more music from the brothers.

The boys share their end goal is to headline a tour. Growing up around Luke Bryan and seeing firsthand his live performance and other superstars it’s no wonder. The reason they do music however is simple. “To make people happy. That it’s not just another song on the radio, to inspire. Anything that makes a persons day better” shares Christian.

For more on CB30 you can check them out on all social media platforms @CB30Music!