Temecula Road Interview!

Temecula Road is comprised of two sisters (Maddie and Emma) and their friend Dawson. The sisters had been singing for awhile when their vocal coach introduced them to Dawson. After singing with the girls Dawson was hooked, and kept coming over to hang out and make music. The trio started singing around town and it wasn’t long before they discovered a passion for music that was bigger then their hometown of Temecula, California.

The band likes to compare their sound to Dixie Chicks & Lady Antebellum. Our favorite thing about this trio is their beautiful harmonies. We’re told Emma is the harmony queen with Dawson and Maddie taking turn on lead vocals.
Temecula Road is a past Radio Disney NBT Artist, and have been working with Radio Disney ever since. Their first few singles “What If I Kissed You”, “Hoping”, and “Everything Without You” have done extremely well, climbing the Radio Disney and Sirius XM Highway Charts. It’s so surreal for the band, who grew up listening to those stations.
One of the coolest perks was attending the Radio Disney Music Awards, where they were nominated for Breakout Artist. “It was our first nomination ever and it was amazing, especially being with our Radio Disney family. It was incredible” gushes Emma.

“It was probably the scariest moment of our life. We were so anxious. Everyone in our category was incredible. I was shaking like a dog in the crowd” admits Dawson. While they didn’t win, the band was honored to be nominated.

When asked when the members decided they wanted to do music each one remembers a defining moment where it stood out.

“I remember when Carrie was on AI. I was like that’s what I want to do. I want to be like her when I grow up” shares Maddie.

“The first concert I went to was Rascal Flatts, and it was an awesome night” recalls Dawson.

“We used to watch CMT on the TV all the time and I would sing harmonies to them. We’ve been singing as long as I can remember, that’s our passion” remembers Emma.

Temecula Road has been receiving rave reviews of their covers artists such as Carrie Underwood, which has been a dream come true. “We do it because we love the song, we love the artists, and we’re trying to put our own twist on it. And to have that recognition from the bigger artists is incredible”. The band adds¬†“We had no idea what we were in for. We were just three kids who loved making music together so to come full circle it’s been crazy.”

Over the past few years the three have had so many cool opportunities, but a few stand out. Going to London, getting the chance to open for amazing artists like Carrie Underwood and Sara Evans, Stagecoach Festival, and performing on a cruise top the list.

CMA Fest is a big highlight for Maddie, Emma, and Dawson as well. They loved performing and meeting fans. This year they had a chance to see some of their favorites perform at Nissan stadium, and admit to being just as big of fans as the rest.

“This was our third CMA Fest and we’d never gotten to be at the Nissan shows. As much as we’re in the country music industry we’re just fans. We geek out over artists.” At the top of that list artists they idolize include Old Dominion, Dan and Shay, and Carrie Underwood.

They have been lucky to receive valuable advice from some of the artists that they look up to. When touring with Jessie James Decker she told them “Be true to yourself, make sure you really love the music.” That’s something the trio has taken to heart, and they appreciate the advice, especially being new artists and hearing it from someone who has gone through it. Another thing that they have taken away is watching the way these artists carry themselves onstage. “Seeing the way that everyone is so different. It makes you realize that nobody has all the power”.

The band has been in the studio, writing and cutting new material. This time around the trio is very hands on, getting involved in not only the music, bu the production, writing, etc. “This music is definitely going to be a lot closer to our hearts.” we’re told as they are continuing to figure out their sound. “We started so young. As we grow our music grows as well because our experiences grow. That’s what’s going to change, the maturity of the songs.”
What has attributed to the growth in the band? Experiences. Travelling. Being all over the world. Those circumstances brought the members independent sides out, and all three had to grow up quick. Emma, Maddie, and Dawson are super stoked to share the new music with everyone. The goal is to put something out hopefully within the next few months.

This summer plans include festival shows, and working on new music. The trio is especially excited for their show opening up for the long time rock band Train. There are two ultimate goals that are at the top of the bands bucket list, a stadium tour and a number one album. Along with those big dreams, they remain grounded and humble.

“Letting people open up for us, showing them hospitality. We’ve been in those shoes and it’s really important to us” we’re told.¬†“Continuing to do what we love making sure we always stay true to ourselves. Hopefully it pays off but we’re going to just keep doing our thing.”

When asked what advice they would give to new artists we’re left with this:
“Dream big. When we started this thing we had no idea that this was going to happen. Work hard. Picture yourself doing what you love to do. Don’t let anyone tear you down.”