Interview: Introducing Will Muse!

Meet Will Muse, a fifteen year old musician from Somerset KY. Will has been working with PCG Universal for just under a year, and credits them for a lot of growth in his career. Muse started real young, learning to play the electric guitar at age five, and the piano a year later. Vocals came later at age twelve, and writing just last year.

When asked how PCG has helped Will shares that he feels like he has built up a much better category of , and gained more confidence. He has been working to improve his skills on piano, guitar, and live performance.
In fifth grade Muse decided to enter his school talent show. Little did he know he’d walk away winning the show or that his fun new hobby would lead to where he is now. He simply saw it as a fun opportunity to try something new.
When Will was thirteen he performed for music festival in Kentucky. It’s the biggest venue he’s ever performed at and admits to being incredibly nervous leading up to it. Those butterflies calmed down once he started playing thankfully.

The family has been making trips back and forth to Nashville quite often, about once a month lately. Currently Muse is working on a new record. No release date as of yet, but when it comes out he plans on doing shows to promote.

And those trips seem to be paying off. Will just hit a major milestone. His music video for his new single “I Can Change” just has surpassed 1 million views on Facebook. Quite a feat for any independent artist, let alone one with his very first single. “I couldn’t believe it. I was very excited about it.”

He believes that one of the things that helped the song go viral was that the message is such a universal concept. “It can pertain to someone going through something terrible and if they have someone who can believe in them they can overcome it if they really try.” When asked who that person in Will’s life is he says his parents.

Music has always been a big part of Muse’s life. His musical influences include Guns N Roses, Aerosmith, and Prince. When he was little he always tried to play like Slash, the guitar player from Guns N Roses. Steven Tyler inspires his songwriting. He shares a cute story about another inspiration, Sheryl Crow. “When I was two and three years old my imaginary friend was Sheryl Crow. I’d go to the toddler tales at the local library and bring her.”
Will Muse describes his music as pop/rock with a bluesy sound. He gets his inspiration from anything that strikes him. If he feels there is an opportunity to make it interesting he tries to make it into a song.

The coolest thing for Will has been the recording process. He’s enjoyed the opportunity to work with a lot of great people, who have helped him improve his skills. His album was produced by Britton Cameron. “I couldn’t be more pleased. He’s been such a great mentor throughout my musical journey.”

While there is no release date yet, Will already has plenty of material for the album. He tells us there will be a variety of songs, from rock to ballads to blues. Something for everyone. This young artist has big aspirations. “My goal would be a record deal. I guess that’s every musician’s goal but that would be great.” The immediate goal is to continue to improve his overall skills, growing as an artist and performer.