Interview: Meet Daniel Neihoff!

Daniel Neihoff has only been in Nashville a few months, but he’s already been writing up a storm. He hit the ground running when less than a week in town, not even fully unpacked Daniel went to check out the Nashville Rising Song competition. Deciding to enter on a whim, he had no expectations going in. Was lucky enough to have his name drawn to perform and played “Appalachian Cry”. That song wound up receiving the judges vote and moving him to the semi-finals, where he got beat out by Landon Wall. “He’s an incredibly good kid. I was ok with losing to someone that talented. He deserves it.” Neihoff tells us he met a lot of great people through the contest and took it as an opportunity to get out there and connect with people.

Music has always been a big part of Daniel’s life. His dad (and brother) are both songwriters. At eight years old, inspired by his father he began to write songs. Neihoff feels an incredible responsibility to make sure he is doing his best to portray things as honestly as he possibly can, while putting his music through the lens of truth and love.
“You not only have a responsibility to be able to connect with people in there pain, but you have a responsibility to not leave them there. To me, writing hope in every song no matter where you start it always end a song with some way to escape the circumstances your in. ”

This songwriter finds inspiration everywhere, believing there is always a deeper sentiment to be found in things people say and things going on around us. He finds it helpful to have that moment of reflection that writing brings, especially when writing about other people and their struggles. There is endless opportunity in that.

Daniel started coming to Nashville five years ago. Tried out for the Bluebird Songwriters night and made it through, giving him the confidence to keep coming back. Within the last year he decided it was time to relocate to Music City permanently. At the time Neihoff was working at a marketing company with an IT position. Not happy with the typical office job, this musician wanted something more. “At the end of the day I knew that what I wanted to do was write songs for people. I thought if I don’t do this now then I’ve got a choice I can spend the rest of my life working here or I can take this chance and go for it.” He fully believes in his songwriting skills, and that he had what it takes to make a living out of doing music. Since arriving in Nashville he has penned around 50 songs including co-writes. Quite a feat for only being in town two months.

“I’d rather try and fail miserably then to not try and look back and think what if I had?” Originally, Daniel came to Nashville content with writing songs for other people. Since then he has since discovered that he also enjoys performing. “I enjoy being able to deliver the lyrics the way that I wrote. I have a very personal connection with the lyrics I write, so I’d love to be able to perform.” He is learning as he goes, by studying the way others engage the audience among other things. Onstage Neihoff can often be heard making jokes, which he believes disarms people, makes them more vulnerable. His songs are powerful and have been known to make people cry, as I witnessed at one of my recent showcases Daniel performed at.

Neihoff is a sensitive and kind soul, that enjoys helping other people. “I think deeply but I care about others, I try to love people. I may be able to sing a song that’s deep and be able to point something out to you that completely changes your life.”

Growing up Daniel was the youngest of six kids, and shares that making ends meet was tight. Seeing his parents work hard to put food on the table and clothes on their backs taught him the value of working and to appreciate what you have. He always tries to remember and project that.

“Millenials we sometimes get tagged as ungrateful and entitled. To me, even as a millenial I know that I don’t deserve anything. Everything that I get is something that I have to work for and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”
We wish Daniel all the best on his journey!