New Artist Interview: Macy Tabor!

Meet Macy Tabor, a 15 year old country and pop artist from Manchester, TN. We sat down with Macy at a youth music showcase for local non-profit HOME (Helping Our Music Evolve). “The first time I ever performed was when I was four. To see kids getting up there and being what they want to be, it brings back memories. They were so good.”

As a young child Macy’s first performance was at an I-Pop event in Los Angeles. Dressed as Ariel from the Little Mermaid she sang “Part of Your World”. While Macy was too young to remember she’s been told that she forgot the words, but just picked up where she left off. Her performance earned her a spot in the top 10 of that weekends competition. From then on Macy was hooked.

“I knew when I was put in the classes music was something I wanted to do. I didn’t really fall into acting or modeling. Singing was what stood out to me. ” Miss Tabor has spent the past decade honing her craft. She started playing guitar and a few years ago songwriting.

Her proudest accomplishments include a Josie Music Award (Rising Star) last year and performing there at the Schumerhorn the year before. She’s also proud of how far her songwriting has come. Her inspirations include music friends Landon Wall, Taylor Gayle, and Ava Paige. When this young songwriter first started writing music, she admits to not knowing how to get the thoughts in her head out onto the paper. “Knowing all these people they really help, they understand and they know how to get those thoughts out. That’s really helpful to me as a person. I love being around them.”

Musically, Macy is influenced by a wide variety of artists. “I don’t try to be like anyone else. I try to be like myself. All the lyrics are from the heart.” If she had to compare herself to anyone though, Kelsea Ballerini is mentioned as most of her songs are love songs in the country pop genre.

Being part of a military family Tabor loves performing for the troops. Her brother is about to graduate from bootcamp and her Grandpa is a Vietnam Vet. Getting to give back to them means a lot to her. She is a spokesmodel for Valor Bands, a company that makes bracelets out of old army uniforms.

The next few months will be busy as ever for this upcoming young artist. In addition to going to public school where she participates in cheerleading and track just to name a few, Macy’s music calendar is packed. She is nominated for Rising Star at the Josie Awards, working on new songs, and performing all over the place. Tabor will be playing at the Cornbread Festival in Pittsburgh, Grundy County Fair, Coffee County Fair, Opry Mills, and various writers rounds just to name a few. She is super excited to be a mentor at camp this summer.

Macy is full of hope for her future, and with good reason. Her ultimate dream is to perform at the Grand Ole Opry, with being nominated for a CMA or ACM Award a close second on the list. “Whenever you listen to music you can relate to that. I want to do that too. I want to write stuff that people can relate to and enjoy.” Best of luck to you Macy!