Interview: Meet Jimmy Connor!

Meet Jimmy Connor, a country/pop artist from Boxboro, MA. He just celebrated his 18th birthday in a big way, by moving to Nashville to chase his music dreams. After trekking back and forth to Music City from New England almost monthly for the past five years it was time to make the big leap. Connor’s schedule keeps him busy, playing over 100 shows a year. He’s opened for an impressive list of some of today’s biggest country stars including Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Dan and Shay, Granger Smith, and many more.

When asked if he has any favorites Connor says “I love everybody. Everybody has been so sweet. Every show we play I learn something new. ” He humbly admits that he grew up listening to all of them and being a fan of their music and to be able to meet these artists and play shows with them is awesome.

The first time I saw Jimmy perform was at Alley Taps, and he definitely caught my attention. When I comment that he reminds me of a younger Hunter Hayes he gets a little embarrassed. “I’m honored. He’s a great buddy and I look up to him. Unbelievable talent.” A few years ago he held up a sign at a Hunter Hayes show asking if he could sing with him. He got up there and killed it, impressing both Hunter and the crowd. Little did Jimmy know that night would lead to being invited onstage to play with Hunter during a few of his Northeast tour stops and striking up a friendship with one of his idols.

Like Hayes, Connor is a musical prodigy. Would you believe he can play 15 instruments? “I’m a total music nerd” he admits. “Anybody on my team will tell you I love just playing music so whatever instrument is a fun new adventure.” Jimmy feels his most unique instrument is the mandolin, and it’s interesting trying to figure out where to fit it in with its small sound. He learned to play guitar at age six and kept playing and teaching himself new instruments every chance he got.  Jimmy taught himself to write and produce. “We didn’t have a budget so I got software on my computer and started recording, playing around.”

Jimmy Connor’s debut EP “It’s About Time” was released back in August of last year, and Connor couldn’t be more proud. “It’s been such a blast to be able to have a full project out, have a record to tour with, music for people to know and sing along with at shows.” He describes his sound as new country or pop country, adding that since he’s all about the instruments everything you hear is going to be instruments.

His single “Party Girl” did especially well, ranking on the Iceman’s Nashville Independent Music Chart. “It’s a huge honor. I had no expectation of it doing anything or going anywhere next thing I know it’s top 15 on the charts” Jimmy exclaims.

Connor couldn’t be more excited about what 2018 has in store for him. “I just turned 18 and it’s already shaping up to be a great year, hanging out with you and playing this showcase.”

What’s next? Touring. Jimmy’s market is largely New England and Northeast based, so he’s looking forward to playing back home as well as adding some national dates. “It’s going to be a busy year but I’m really looking forward to it.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more on this rising young artist. We think you’ll be hearing a lot about this one.