Interview: Clay Shelburn!

Meet Clay Shelburn, a country and blues artist from Fort Worth, Texas. Shelburn just moved to Nashville and couldn’t be more excited to be in Music City. He and wife Tiffany have been communicating back and forth to Nashville quite a bit and he feels this move has been a long time coming. “People have been accomodating and helpful with networking and getting feet in doors.” He credits Taylor Gayle and her mom Brandy saying “It wouldn’t be possible without those guys.”

You might be one of the 7 + million people to have seen Clay’s Walmart Rockstar video on Youtube. Shelburn happily shares the story with us. “My buddy Zac Stokes and I were bored after a gig one night, so we wound up at Walmart as usually happens in a small town. They were real toys, you know those plastic things First Act makes. Zach started playing with a little keyboard and I looked over and one of the guitars happened to be open on the shelf so I picked it up”. Funny thing is that they were just goofing around, having fun, and didn’t even record the first take. “It’s ironic. We were trying not to sing very loud so as not to get attention and then it blows up and goes viral.” Had he known so many people were going to be seeing it, Clay jokes that he’d have sung better.

While Clay admits that he and his wife were making a decent living back in Texas, but he feels it was at the expense of his creativity. They were always worrying about the bills and the next show.

Since arriving in Nashville Shelburn has become a welcome addition to Broadway, playing downtown a lot at Tootsie’s, Rippy’s and Honky Tonk Central. “I feel super inspired when I’m here, even today. There are a lot of artists that run through those establishments that are great writers.” For him the biggest thing right now is networking, writing, and getting day gigs at bars on Broadway. He tells us that he came down here to expand upon his writing and performing, calling Nashville graduate school for musicians.

We were first introduced to Clay through Taylor Gayle, whom he wrote a single with last year called Tattooed Heart about the scars pain leaves on a heart. When I mention him being a mentor to young artists such as Taylor and Landon Wall and he gets embarrassed. “That’s a great compliment. I try to live a life that people would want to mirror, put out what I want to receive. If I’m having a good impact on someone I feel like I can sleep at night, like I’ve fulfilled my purpose. It’s an honor and I can’t be more grateful for all the love.”

This year Clay’s plan is to focus on writing good music and meeting people. “It would be really cool if I could get a hit on the radio. That’s always a goal. I feel like it’s possible.” Shelburn is looking forward to his upcoming show in Atlanta on April 14th at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival.

We want to welcome Clay to Nashville and wish him all the best on his journey here!