Break The Cycle Entertainment Artist Interviews!

We had a great time sitting down over coffee with some of the artists on Break The Cycle Entertainment’s Roster while they were in town for Country Radio Seminar Week! We’d like to introduce you to them now.


Ryan Sims is an Americana artist from Arizona. Although not an official Break The Cycle Artist he was along for the fun. He started his musical journey in a band called Easton Ash, which toured the country for a decade. During that time the group received numerous accolades including a Los Angeles Music Award and Hall of Fame Award. Easton Ash came to an end when all of the other guys got married and started a family. Ryan wanted to keep pursuing music so he decided to become a solo artist.

“I never wanted to be a fireman, a superhero, a policeman. I wanted to be a singer” Ryan tells us. When he was ten years old, Sims got his first guitar. Though it created a love of music it wasn’t until ten years later, at the age of twenty that he started playing professionally. He couldn’t be more excited about the chance to record his dream EP. The release contains seven cuts featuring many talented and famous players. He has released two music videos (Get Away and Black & Blue). Ryan is looking forward to going on the road again as part of the High School Nation Tour. The show will hit 4 cities, 5 days a week, reaching 75,000 students throughout raising self awareness for bullying. “This year I’m just trying to get my feet under me and start touring.” He’d like to find a bigger artist to open for and to visit radio stations. This songwriter was in town for Country Radio Seminar and enjoyed attending the Ryman Luncheon and Music Row Magazine events.


Singer-songwriter Jessica Rose recently started playing at the Opry City stage in NYC. “It’s kind of like Nashville in New York which is super awesome.” She is releasing a new single next month. The goal is to release more music periodically so people have new music to enjoy all year. She’ll be hitting the road soon, making stops all over the Midwest and Eastern coast (New Jersey, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Illinois, Alabama). Rose just moved back to New York to be closer to friends and family, but also to bring country music to her hometown. “I felt like I was losing who I was as an artist. When I came here I started writing with a lot of people and I felt like I was losing my sound.”
“I figure New York country music is just coming there and everyone is appreciating it so much more. Why not go to where all my fans from the beginning are and do a bunch of shows to show my appreciation to them and bring that country music to New York.” Her new single hasn’t been officially released, but she is considering a cut called “Back In Town”. How fitting for someone moving back to her hometown.

Country Radio Seminar week highlights include seeing Jason Aldean and various friends performing. “The Music Row event was spectacular. It’s a good introduction to CRS. Everyone said their first hello.” Rose loves seeing old faces and meeting new people. It’s hard to visit everyone so it’s nice to have them all in one room.
She currently has a song on Country Radio called “Look for Me”, and has been visiting stations, trying to get it out there. Jessica got her start singing in choir. You might not know it but this artist used to be extremely shy. “I would not speak in front of anybody. Never would sing by myself.” She went to see the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato opened. “I thought omgosh that’s so cool. I want to do that. I started taking guitar lessons and felt like I wasn’t alone when I had that. I started singing in front of people, felt like that was my shield.”W While she admits being in the public eye can still be overwhelming sometimes, she remains positive by knowing everyone is supportive.


Musician. Songwriter. Artist. Hobson released music this past spring in three waves. This unique method allowed him to gage what people were responding to. He chose “Waiting On Last Call” to be the first single, released in October to radio. This past few months he has been on a radio tour promoting. On the year anniversary coming up he’ll be putting those collections together for fans to have in one package with artwork exclusively for that. While Jordan didn’t create the final pieces, he did do all the mock-ups for the art.  Hobson started playing guitar in 7th grade and got involved in the band scene. He joined cover bands, church groups and school bands, turning to writing in high school. “I felt like releasing in these different waves gave those people a collection to have until I released new music.”

This was Jordan’s first Country Radio Seminar and he enjoyed the opportunity to revisit radio promoters and meet some new faces. “The goal for me right now is to put together an EP smaller package of the songs I’ve been writing and performing live since doing that album.”

“As a writer and a self critique I’m always thinking I’ve got better stuff. Although I’ve been in the studio a number of times before it was a learning experience being able to really give my critique on the production side of things.” He admits it’s hard sometimes for artists to give opinions on professional players on the album, but as an artist whose professional product is delivered at the end you kind of have to take that step.


David Everett Johnson is an Americana Artist from Goshen, KY (Louseville). He moved to Nashville three years ago to pursue his musical dreams. He got his start playing guitar when he was thirteen, joining Jazz band in high school. Since moving to Nashville David has plunged into co-writing and figuring out who he is as an artist. He released his first single “Color Blind” in September, followed by his second single “Somewhere” a few weeks ago. His goal is to get on country radio, and break top 30 Music Row Charts. He also would love to play Whiskey Jam and Revival (Round at Tin Roof on Demonbreun).

This years plans include getting an album out, gaining momentum and being able to tour. He had a great time at the Music Row Magazine CRS Meet and Greet. “You can tell they play a big role in country music and country radio. It’s big in establishing your career and getting out there to markets that don’t get touched by major stations.” He confides that the event makes people feel like your a part of the whole country music thing. This is his first year he’s really gotten involved in going to more events geared for artists.

The single came about co-writing with a buddy, talking about how nobody writes good old fashioned cowboy songs anymore. He likens the song to a George Strait kind of feel. Johnson has an album coming out on April 6th “Black Mountain” featuring ten songs. “I wanted it be a snapshot of my journey and coming to Nashville.” The album will show his progression as a writer and artist, drawing on different influences from contemporary to traditional. Music is David’s passion and he feels one of his God given gifts.