Interview with Dave Moffatt!

The Moffatts are back! For the first time in 17 years Scott, Clint, Bob, and Dave have new music out, and fans couldn’t be more excited! We had the privilege of catching up with Dave and getting the inside scoop. “It’s been an interesting road doing this Moffatt project” Dave tells us. The brothers haven’t had the chance to work together in a long time, and he enjoyed being able to get in the studio, be creative and to have more control this time around.

“The reason we came together to make a new record was purely because we still have fans showing us all this support after all this time. We were so preoccupied doing other things we didn’t notice, but the minute we acknowledged it for a moment we saw the response” Moffatt shares. And the response has been amazing.

Last year the brothers were offered an opportunity to go overseas to the Philippines. hamster mite ivermectin Scott, Bob, and Clint visited Radio and TV Stations and performed a sold out show at an arena in Manila. Thousands of fans came out to support, screaming and singing along to every word, even the brothers solo projects. Dave recalls watching the videos on Youtube and being blown away by the overwhelming support from fans. He had wanted to be there with his brothers and  was sad he couldn’t be due to prior obligations, but looks forward to any future opportunities.

We live in a society where there is so much music to choose from. Often times when an artist doesn’t release new music for awhile fans move on. That’s not the case for The Moffatts. The fans deep sense of loyalty is one of the things that Dave feels separates the band from other artists. “When music and things in general have become so disposable, it’s nice to know we’re still remembered by people that loved our music back in the day” he laments.

While Scott, Bob, and Clint have remained actively involved in music and in the spotlight, Dave disappeared for awhile. He needed to take time out for himself. “I came to a point maybe eight years ago where I wasn’t physically and mentally in the best place. I was kind of depressed. It lead me to question what it was that I needed to change about my life or bring into my life.” Yoga seemed like a good solution, and as Dave began to practice, he found the exercise helped. His teachers told him he was a natural and encouraged him to start teaching Yoga.  Having a profession that embodied a healthier lifestyle was a breath of fresh air for someone who had been struggling with the pressures of prior choices. While Dave confides that it was a tough season, he is grateful for what it taught him. Life throws everyone challenges, and it’s okay to momentarily acknowledge the struggle. However Dave learned that “The more valuable thing is to find that inner strength to know that there is a way through it. ivermectin coyote I think that’s a gift of humanity, the strength we have as people.”

Taking away from that experience, Moffatt’s goal is to be in the moment, and appreciate each day as it comes. “I think that the four of us have really grown in such different ways. I think that my path definitely challenged me to look a little bit more within at how I handle struggle, or how I move forward with things.” Though every day is a work in progress, Dave is proud of how far he has come. He believes that everything happens for a reason, and that he needed to go through that difficult experience to learn from it.

Dave shares that music wasn’t a part of him during that time, and the Moffatt thing was very much in the back of his head. That close bond the brothers once shared had faded. He only saw Scott, Clint, and Bob once or twice a year, and that wasn’t enough quality time to connect. “The fans and the appreciation have allowed us to come together and connect in a way that we haven’t been able to do for quite awhile.” Though the brothers have all found different paths, they are able to come together and make it work. oral ivermectin dosage for rosacea “Being able to do this Moffatt record has been a gift for all of us getting to know one another again” Dave exclaims.

No matter what happens music is always going to be a part of Dave’s life. A few years ago he wrote and recorded a few demos, but ultimately decided it wasn’t the right path at the time. Down the road he’d like to release solo music, but right now his focus is on the Moffatt project. “There’s a certain feeling that I can only receive when I’m harmonizing with my brothers. It’s a gift really and it’s been nice being able to connect with that.” He’s excited to see what opportunities arise for The Moffatts, and looks forward to taking full advantage of the moments presented.

The Moffatts just released a brand new single “Secrets” and we feel it’s a great choice for their comeback. The tune is catchy and upbeat, and sounds like a more mature version of the group. The song was written by Bob and Clint, along with another Nashville songwriter, and the lyrics are very relatable. Dave recalls hearing it for the first time and immediately connecting with the message. The brothers want to remain true to their authentic sound that fans have embraced and enjoyed through the years.  He’s happy with the finished product, which he feels is a balance between Submodalities and Chapter 1. “I’m really proud of what we were able to create and hopeful that the fans will love it. If there’s an authenticity to it, it will be felt.”

While there are no concrete plans right now on a release date for the EP yet, we’re told it will be relatively soon. The thought is to release another song or two first. There are talks about possibly doing some shows in Southeast Asia and Canada, but at the moment everyone is busy with their individual projects. Bob and Clint are focused on putting out new music for Endless Summer, and Scott is producing Luke Comb’s latest record. Don’t fret though, as Dave assures us that the brothers will make time down the road to play together. When suggested they add in North America dates I’m told “I know we still have a lot of amazing fans in the US. We haven’t forgotten about them for sure.”

As someone who has followed The Moffatts music for over two decades, it was a privilege to chat with Dave. As I thanked him again he tells me “It was definitely my pleasure. I’m glad we got the chance to connect.” Thank you Dave for taking the time to answer my questions, and to The Moffatts for continuing to provide fans with great music!