Interview with Bailey James!

Bailey James first single “Run Girl” hit the top 40 on the Music Row Charts. That in itself is an honor for any songwriter, let alone a fifteen year old newcomer from Perkasie, Pennsylvania. The song is about being young and chasing your dreams, not letting anything stop you. As a young artist Bailey faces a lot of criticism in the industry, people ready to dismiss her because of her age. She is here to tell everyone that age is nothing but a number. When asked how she deals with criticism Bailey tells us “I try to rise above it. If you know what you’re doing is right and you see you’re getting a good outcome from it than it doesn’t matter.”

Bailey recently wrote a song with another previously featured young artist, Ava Paige. “She’s such an amazing person and an amazing writer. It’s nice to have someone your age to talk to, someone who really gets what your going through” James relays. Watching other young artists such as Ava, only challenges Bailey to work harder.

She’s been in the studio recording new material, and is stoked to be releasing her first album sometime this year. We’re told to expect a bluesy/traditional/pop sound. Her favorite song “Soul With Roots, Heart With Wings” is a churchy style anthem with blues elements, about where she came from and who she wants to be. Bailey admits to being a free spirit and says “What sets me apart is I definitely like to go the traditional route with my music. I know that’s not what’s on the radio.” James biggest musical influence is Patsy Cline, telling us that Patsy was the artist that made her want to pursue country music.

Bailey James is the first Youth Spokesperson for the Jason Foundation, an organization which brings awareness to teen suicide. She feels blessed to be part of a great cause that has hit so close to home (she had a brother that passed away because of suicide). “Even to help one person not get to that point. It’s part of a legacy that I’m trying to keep going for my brother. I want to make him proud” she shares.

Learning opera at a young age, Bailey’s parents started shipping songs around. One fateful night they met Johnny from Daredevil Productions, who liked what he heard. A connection was made and the two started building an EP. Things took off from there and she started working with BarFrog Music. It was at one of their showcases that I first saw Bailey perform and was impressed. She says she is extremely grateful to those two companies for all they have done for her.

This year Bailey hopes to finish and release an album, and put a new single out to radio. She’s excited about her future and can’t wait to see what unfolds. Her ultimate dream is to win Entertainer of the Year Before Taylor Swift did. “She’s the youngest Entertainer of the Year and I’d like to change that.” We wish Bailey the best!