Introducing…Ava Paige!

Ava Paige is a  music singer-songwriter from Mount Juliet, Tennessee.  At thirteen years old, Ava has already been playing guitar for six years, and has performed at various venues around Nashville. This young artist has been singing since she could talk, but got her career start one fateful night from a certain famous American Idol superstar.

“Music has always been a part of my life but I only started to take it seriously when I got the amazing honor of singing with Kelly Clarkson. ” Ava shares. The story goes, she was out to eat with her family a few years back at a restaurant called Sam’s on The Water. It was karaoke night, and a ten year old Ava got up and sang a few songs. All of a sudden there was a mob of people, as they announced special guest Kelly Clarkson . Clarkson belted out “Summer Lovin” from Glee and returned to her table to eat. Ava walked over to Kelly, and asked if she’d sing with her. Much to her excitement Miss Clarkson  said yes, and the two sang “Love Shack” by the B52’s. Afterwards the local news came over and interviewed Ava. “I looked at my mom and said you know what? I think I might want to do this.”  Ava looks back on the memory fondly, saying how sweet Kelly was and how much fun that night was.

Other artists Paige looks up to include Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood for their strong voices. Also Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, and Hunter Hayes for their guitar playing. Her favorite though? Chris Stapleton. She admits to looking up to him because he’s an amazing artist, and so clever  when it comes to storytelling. This girl loves songwriting and the  storytelling aspect of it. ivermectin covid treatment canada “When your a songwriter you completely change your idea of how you listen to music.”

Her first album was recorded last summer and released shortly after. Ava is hoping to get into the studio this year, because she has written a lot of new material and is eager to share it with everyone.

While Ava admits to not being allowed to watch the TV show Nashville, she loves the music from the show. She recently covered the song “If I Didn’t Know Better” which is a song Clare Bowen sung on the show. Paige got the opportunity to meet Clare backstage at the Opry and says she was such a sweetheart, even complimented her headband.

The conversation turns to friends, and Ava is lucky to have a tight knit group of kids her age she often writes and performs with.  She admits to not having a lot of music friends in school so it’s great when she gets a chance to hang out with such artists as Taylor Gayle, Landon Wall, and Marissa McKaye. She loves getting the chance to play shows with them, such as she did at 3rd and Lindsley a few weeks back. I was at that show and remember how the kids cut up with each other, bouncing off each others songs. They were clearly having a blast.

Ava can’t say enough good things about these kids, calling them her second family. While there are some people in the industry who may try to fight their way to the top, Ava Paige doesn’t feel like it’s a competition.”We’re all trying to make it in the music industry so might as well help each other.” She loves supporting her friends, and is known to promote them on her socials and at shows.

“I don’t know where I would be without my musical friends. They to say it bluntly and not to sound cheesy but they changed my life. Whether it’s writing songs or showing support for each other coming to gigs when nobody else is there. ivermectina dosis para sarna humana ” Having spoken with Taylor and Landon on previous occasions about this topic I know they share her sentiments.

Ava is not your typical teenage girl. She’s never been into dolls or shopping (unless I’m told it’s for boots). She’s always been the one to go play outdoors, and especially loves to fish. Her family lives on a lake, and she is out there fishing and jet skiing as often as she can. “Having A Dream” is one of the first songs she ever wrote, and it’s about just that. “I’ve always been that one person that gets asked who I want to be like when I grow up and my answer is always me. I don’t want to be the next Taylor Swift or Miranda Lambert. I want to be me.”

Paige loves getting involved with charities, and will be performing at VICE night for the men and wives of Ft. Campbell. Last year she was a part of it, and remember everyone dressing up in an old theme, and having a great time. “It’s such a cool thing to do. I have military in my family and I highly respect our troops.” She also likes to visit local dog shelters. para que sirve la ivexterm

Ava Paige keeps busy and that’s just how she likes it. “This industry is kind of tough and I have much more to learn, but it’s so cool and I wouldn’t want to do anything